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123Inkjets Reviews

123inkjets.com is a top supplier of discount ink cartridges and toner for nearly every model of inkjet and laser printer on the market today. They offer a complete line of printer inkjet cartridges, ink refills, laser toners, toner refills and numerous printing supplies at a fraction of the cost offered by the original manufacturers. The high quality of their ink cartridges and laser toners makes 123Inkjets the best source for all your printing needs.

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Real Customer Reviews

serrettr. posted on 12/25/2014

"I have used 123 Inkjets before and their product and services have always been good. I have not used this order yet but I have no reason to believe the ink and cartridge will not perform well"

cmb929. posted on 12/12/2014

"My mother and I have been loyal customers of 123inkjets for quite a while but as of today we will be taking our business elsewhere. In August I received toner for my laser printer. Somehow between the order department and the fulfillment department the numbers were transposed and I received the wrong model. This error wasn't discovered until I went to use it in November. I immediately called the company and explained the problem to the rep who answered the phone. She advised me to return the product for a credit and at the same time placed a new order for the correct item. I had to pay for the new toner but was assured that a credit would be issued. As of today I hadn't received the credit so I called 123inkjets to find out why the delay. I was informed that a credit would not be issued as the bag the toner was in had been opened. It didn't matter to them that the product was unused or that I had explained this fact to the first rep. As someone who always tries to find a resolution that benefits both parties I requested store credit. Issuing a store credit would cost 123inkjets nothing since I would still be spending my money with them. This request was also denied. Lastly, I was surprised that 123inkjets didn't bother to notify me that they weren't going to issue the credit for the original toner. I had to call them to find this out. Business practices of this nature are unacceptable to me. Had I known they would keep the toner and my money I would have kept the product myself and found someone to donate it to. So now I’m out $58.99 and 123inkjets is $58.99 richer. I'm very, very disappointed that my loyalty as a customer meant nothing to them. We (my mother and I) will take our business elsewhere and advise our family, friends, business associates and anyone who is reading this to do the same. "

lisashaffer779. posted on 12/11/2014

"I have used the services provided by 123 Inkjet.com for over 10 years and have found them constantly easy to order from and a pleasure to speak to their customer service reps on occasion.
If only brick and motar retail estabishments were as accomodating.......Sincere thanks, L.Shaffer, Chicago, L"

shelbylundy. posted on 12/9/2014

"The order came a day past the expected delivery time, which wasn't a big deal BUT I called to check on the status and the cust. service rep assured me it was lost by the post office and that she would send another order out. Well, I ended up getting the package the very next day after I talked to her AND she never placed a replacement order. So, I'm glad it came but wasn't a great customer service experience, just so so."

neqeha. posted on 11/13/2014

"Received order in only 3 Days. Have been using ink for the past few days and everything is working just fine. I am extremely happy with this purchase and I would highly recommend 123 to anyone. I don't use a lot of ink but when I order again you can bet it will be with 123. Keep up the good work!"

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