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23andMe began offering its direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA testing service in November 2007. Customers provide a saliva sample that is SNP genotyped. Results are posted online, along with an assessment of inherited traits, genealogy, and possible congenital risk factors. The company also provides testing for some research initiatives, providing confidential customer datasets to and partnering with researchers to establish genetic associations with specific illnesses and disorders.

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Karl. posted on 12/24/2014

"23 AND ME has sent me several messages lately that new DNA relatives are waiting to hear from me. When I go into the program to see them, I get a message that my own DNA profile is not available yet do there are no DNA relatives to show me. This is very confusing because six months ago I used to be able to see the new potential relatives."

BenR. posted on 12/22/2014

"23andMe is an amazing service. My father was adopted so it was interesting to learn a little more about my genetic heritage on his side. The Neanderthal DNA breakdown is very interesting as well (3.4% neanderthal for me). I highly recommend 23andMe".

Bryan S. posted on 12/15/2014

"Surprisingly easy to just spit into a tube and return it, but better yet was offering to let me contact likely distant relatives. My grandfather had painstakingly put together a family tree, but he was missing certain details such as the full name of his grandfather who had taken the orphan train. Through the DNA test, I connected with a likely 4th cousin who knew all the other names in the family (confirmed through grandfather) and who had a living older relative with the full name of my grandfather's grandfather (orphan train). It's opened a whole new set of opportunities on the tree and been fascinating. The only drawback (and it's noted) is that women can only get half of the tree because of the way the chromosomes work (I should have read closer when buying one for my wife) so it's better for them to have a direct male relative take the test, imo. Anyway, great product!"

Joanne73. posted on 9/15/2014

"For years I have wondered what my roots were. I was adopted and there was no record of my birth parents. My daughters of the kit for me for Christmas. It has been so wonderful to finally know my nationally and am so looking forward to opening more doors."

tnt3. posted on 6/23/2014

"The graphic information is very interesting, but there's no information to explain how to read or understand your individual DNA code. For instance, what am I sharing when someone asks to share? That's the first thing that happens...and I have no idea what I'm being asked to share. Or how to use it."

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