24HourWristbands Reviews & Coupon – Why So Many People Unsatisfied?


24 Hour Wristbands is the website for any kind of customizable wristband you can imagine, as well as office goods, event products, and more. It is devoted every effort to providing a convenient way to bridge the supply and need across the world for a wide selection of products. 24 Hour Wristbands offers low prices, fast delivery time, and the widest selection of wristbands anyone can possibly imagine. And now it has developed into one of America’s fastest growing promotional products manufacturers.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Amazing! I ordered wristbands at the last minute for all the guests at my widower dad's wedding. I designed them online, but had trouble putting the order through. I called, worked with a super helpful customer service rep, and the wristbands arrived in 10 days. They were beautiful, all the guests wore them, a wonderful way to combine the families to honor the bride (a widow) and bridegroom. 100 wristbands for @$92! Everyone loved them, a nice remembrance of a very special day. Highly recommended!"

- sandip.1956 8/3/15

"I can understand the negative reviews here. Most of which are due to customer service. However, I've never had to use their customer service and have been more than happy with the products I have received. I've probably made 6 different orders over the years. Usually items for bachelor parties or our fantasy football league (low quantity orders), but every item I have received (Beer koozies, lanyards, wristbands, temp tattoos) have been great value for the money.

That is where these guys excel in my eyes. Most screen printers charge a set up fee and have minimum order requirements around 100 pieces. Not 24 hour wristbands. You can get customized merchandise on low quantity orders for dirt cheap.

Don't let all the reviews deter you. If you have a relatively simple order, you can't beat the price."

- Blake S. 6/19/15

"All of the other detailed reviews about this company being a scam are on point. I had the exact same experience as everyone else with the order that disappears after you hit submit and no customer service help whatsoever. They then lead you on with fake production emails and other emails. I cannot believe a website that functions so well when placing the order is a complete scam."

- Michael R. 6/9/15

"If you are planning on ordering anything from 24 Hour Wristbands, RUN AWAY!!! Don’t subject yourself to the MASSIVE troubles ahead. They do NOT deliver on-time when they promise. They do NOT produce all their items in the USA. Their website is NOT true but deceptive. Their supervisors do NOT return phones calls about concerns. Their phone employees are NOT courteous but rude. They will NOT give out their corporate office phone number. They do NOT have a 5 star rating on any website. Their products are NOT good quality. Don’t just believe me. Simply Google their name and you will find all of the horrific reviews about their terrible service. RUN AWAY from 24 Hour Wristbands!!!"

- Forrest 5/12/15

"I was not satisfied with 24 hours product nor the customer service. I've since used a company www.Skoolbandz.com. They are very professional and courteous Skoolbandz is also licensed to produce bands with logos for high schools throughout the country. Try them you won't be disappointed."

- Hilde 5/24/13

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