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48 Hour Print Reviews

48HourPrint.com is an online printing service. It offers interactive printing solutions for homes, small businesses, and large organizations with hundreds of design templates. Customers like the swift delivery of orders and economical prices of printing at 48HourPrint.com.

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Real Customer Reviews

Velicia C. posted on 1/24/2012

"The 48 hour print is a great online printing company. The prices are affordable and the service is fast."

Sarah S. posted on 1/29/2012

"I have friends that live in Boston and they use 48hourPrint for their business and have for years. When I needed to get business cards for my consultants I contacted them and they provided the cards to me quickly and exactly how I wanted.
So I started using them for more work, like stationary, fliers, etc.
I now use them as my exclusive printing partner. *sometimes I have to go copy and print some things out in a pinch/emergency :)

I couldn't ask for a better print company to work with. Check out their website or give them a call!"

V K. posted on 10/11/2013

"I *AM* a graphic designer and have been using 48hourprint for fliers and postcards for 3 years now, printing about 4 times a year. I've been very happy with everything I've done through them. I had one project in which the orientation of front and back was very important, and I called them and they were very helpful and made sure my project came out as I needed it to. Once, I was rushing and failed to check my final image resolution, and as with Tim's experience, they contacted me so I could fix it before it printed. It took me a while to trust the digital proofing process since you can't check color, but printing quality is excellent; I have never seen registration issues on anything I've printed with them, and the color has always been just fine. (I'm not printing art books here; color matching is not critical --- I just need a good range of values and generally the correct hues, and I have never had any surprises. If you have something that is SO color-critical, you should be getting hard-copy proofs --- and maybe not printing with an online company because you can't go on-press unless you happen to live nearby). Their website states right on the first page that there are quantity restrictions for the 48-hour guarantee (although I'll grant that it's toward the bottom of the page), and it also says on each product page what the specific restrictions are (for under 500, 500 to 5000, and 5000+). Although they only guarantee a 5-day turnaround for 5000 postcards, I have always received them in a week. Another bonus: they don't seem to publicize this much but all of their paper is FSC-certified. And lastly but importantly, the price is amazing and they are constantly sending out discounts to their email list. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone comparable. Only two downsides: I wish there was a quantity option for postcards between 2500 and 5000, and I wish they had a printing facility here in MA."

M H. posted on 1/9/2014

"Print quality is standard online print quality. Some of the finishes are not applied evenly (chalky or streaky). The customer service is not great and they have canned responses for everything. Don't expect them to do you any favors like pushing your job to the front of the line even if you've sent many clients there. The turnaround is fast enough, but when they say 48 hours they don't mean 2 working business days (ie: not shipping at the end of the second day), so if you submit a job on a Wednesday evening they won't process til Thursday morning and ship Monday. Why not ship Friday end of day?? You end up paying double the printing cost in Fedex fees! Stick with a local printer instead!"

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