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AAA was founded over 100 years ago for the purpose of lobbying for driver and passenger rights, fair laws and safer vehicles — all to better promote the love of the open road and the adventure of driving. AAA is where you’ll find discount tickets to certain attractions like museums and amusement parks and even affordable home, auto and life insurance. Being a member of AAA has plenty of advantages, like getting 100 miles of free towing, free emergency fuel, and other money-saving benefits.

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Real Customer Reviews

"One night I was driving in Colorado when I hit a deer. It caused a lot of damage to my car, but I was told that it was an act of God and that it would be considered a no fault accident. After the repairs were made to my car, AAA doubled my rates."

- Diane 5/7/15

"Yesterday we went on a ride and at the last stop my husbands bike just would not start... So we called AAA. Guess what they don't have anyone in my area that could provide service available. They would keep working on it though and let me know. Well 3.5 hours later they called to say someone was working on the issue. Then 15 minutes later they found someone who would pick up my husband and bike by 9:45 PM. We called at 5:00 PM. By the time they figured this out - we called a friend who borrowed a trailer and came and picked him up. I am due for renewal in July - that will not be happening.... AAA has become crap!"

- Fedup 5/4/15

"We are insured by Geico and have 100% coverage. However, AAA offers great discounts, and additional coverage. If we need help with a flat tire, we will contact them first, as they have more dispatch teams and can get to us quicker than Geico. Further, for dining out, visiting theme parks, and even shopping in certain stores, AAA members receive discounts almost everywhere.

Customer Service
I prefer checking in on my account, and getting information online. Although their agents are helpful, I feel each time I call in with a question, they try to sell me something new, or upgrade my membership. They are friendly and helpful, but I wish they wouldn't try to sell us something new every time we call in.

Available Plans
I believe they have 5 plan options (Basic, Gold, Platinum, etc). We have the lowest cost plan which works out well for us. It is about $40 per year, and we receive several benefits with it. I believe the more you spend, the more discounts and additional roadside services you receive. But, if you want complimentary plan for auto insurance, or if you simply love savings, AAA members receive them, and the membership is worth the low cost."

- Afaria23 11/10/14

"My car wouldn't start and I needed a new battery. I called the AAA office from Alhambra. Alpha from M & M Action Towing came to my rescue. He brought me a cold water and replaced the battery in minutes. The battery cost approx. $100 and is under warranty for 3 years. They also do not charge your account for a service call when you buy or service a battery from them. Thanks AAA and thanks Alpha!"

- Vikki P. 6/30/14

"I have had AAA for about 8 years now and have had nothing but positive experience from them! When my car was hit a few years ago the claim service was fast and easy. I took my car to the shop and it was fixed in 3 days. They handled everything else. I also love there roadside assistance. I had 2 instances when my car got a flat tire and they came out in less then 20 minutes. Very quick and courtious. I also locked my keys in my car and they helped me in that situation as well. AAA members also have a lot of great discounts at hotels, rental cars, and even amusement parks which we used a few times as well. Great company! Don’t think I’ll ever switch!"

- Stephanie S 6/19/14

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