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Adore Beauty is Australia’s leading online shopping destination for beauty products and cosmetics. With over 120 cosmetics brands and 4000-plus beauty care products, there’s no better place to shop for your favourite beauty brands.

Adore Beauty arrived on the web way back in April 2000, the brainchild of self-confessed “beauty junkie” Kate Morris. Having grown up in Launceston, Tasmania, she had always bemoaned the fact that all the hottest beauty products mentioned in the magazines were only available to those who lived in the big cities. Kate was inspired to create an online beauty boutique that would allow women everywhere to access the best products, anywhere, anytime.

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Real Customer Reviews

"One of the best online purchases ive ever made: easy to pay the bill and no double charges like ive had on other sites.
Received the next business day with freebies and the product is sealed and fresh.
Im not a plant or fake review, just thougjt id give credit where its due and life would be A LOT easier if more companies did it right like adore.
I'll be back and i recommend them to anyone :)
Ps. If someone from Adorebeauty reads this review, thankyou for fantastic customer service, keep it up :D"

- glowlikeasunrise 4/3/15

"I have purchased from Adore Beauty several times now and am very impressed by their delivery times, prices and service. I placed an order yesterday and it was delivered the next day which was surprising. More importantly though, when I placed my order I forgot to put in the Promo Code which entitled me to a promo gift set. I contacted Adore by phone and they said they would attend to it. They did, I received the gift set AND additional samples. Much appreciated!"

- Corp 3/13/15

"Last Christmas I purchased Adore's products as a gift for my wife, and she has been using them since then. Different than any other skin care line she has tried before; we both noticed a significant impact on her skin after using them for several months. In our last business trip to L.A, I was happy to find an Adore flagship store on Rodeo Dr. I was thrilled when I learned from the store manager that my wife can use her coupon from last year purchase, for a free facial at this location.

If you already used Adore's products, I recommend checking out the Rodeo Flagship store as it carries unique products which I haven't seen in other locations. True it's not cheap however it is more cost effective and definitely healthier than Botox... give it a try and you probably won't regret it, it is money well spent!

And for all of you married men, Remember Happy wife, Happy life!!!"

- Dotan O. 3/1/15

"A long time shopper with this website. Always get my Philosophy products from this site.
The online help desk is useful esp for a guy that needs a bit of advice. Prices are very good for genuine products unlike some online shops that sell counterfeit goods. Never had any problems with orders. Shipping is free after certain amount. Good amount of reviews of products to help in choice. Only buy items they have else where when out of stock here. Free samples given and chocolate bar with nearly every order. Get the feeling that they care!!"

- Duncan W. 12/17/14

"I've just used Adore for the first time and the customer service was great. Product was shipped the next day and was quick in arriving. I had it delivered to work, so they left it with my reception. Plus, they gave me a tim tam and two sample products. Thank you so much, will be using you again soon!"

- Tamara 8/28/14

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