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A'GACI Store

A’GACI is a lifestyle brand created for young fashion lovers who rock it well and march to their own beat. Started in 1974 and A’GACI is now one of fashion’s fastest growing brands that sells teen clothing, trendy women fashions, and teen wear. It is committed to making customers feel feminine, flirty and bold.

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Real Customer Reviews

"The employees are always nice every time I go here. I usually go every 2 weeks or every other month depending if I'm looking for something specific at the mall or just browsing. The store is always clean and I love the fact that I can go through the whole store and I am able to easily shop here. They have a wide variety of colors and styles. VERY COLORFUL too. It gives off a very fun vibe to shop at. I understand the workers talk to each other but they still help you out when you ask. They are not rude whatsoever. I mean c'mon everybody at the workplace talks. That's normal to us cause we're people. I'm sure you chit chat with coworkers too while you work.

Overall I haven't had any problems with this store and I love shopping here. Keep it up!"

- Karen T. 8/19/15

"I ordered a pair of shoes that I thought would be cute and when I recieved them they looked like hoochie mama shoes so I returned them and it has been a month and a half and I have yet to receive my refund money. absolutely terrible."

- taylor c. 5/17/15

"Yes the quality of clothes isn't going to be super great. However, there aren't many places where you can find a long sleeve peplum top for less than $8. I am a big fan of that. As long as you keep in mind that you get what you pay for, you will be good. Also, the other reviewers are very much correct in noting that this place caters to the sizing of people on the thinner side, with smaller breasts."

- M W. 3/30/15

"I am very picky with clothes and I don't just choose anything for the price. Everytime I have ordered something offline I got it in a timely manner and it was good quality. The only time I got an order cancelled was when I ordered some high heel knee high gladiator sandals and they were on sale for $5.99. I figured I would take a chance and order it anyways,but it got cancelled. No big deal still love this store and they have some really unique original designs for their clothing."

- Alisa N. 2/24/15

"I placed an order and one of the tops had it's straps completely ripped off and also there was a package from them that had missing items and the box was huge with a tiny chain inside of it. I am totally frustrated because the items that are missing are for an event I am supposed to attend."

- Shania L. 12/19/14

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