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AjMadison is an online store that sells home appliances to equip modern homes with top notch modern living needs. They offer the best brands in almost every home appliance category available at the best prices.

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"love the fact that things get to you real soon and that there is no delivery and taxes which really add up to an already expensive item. They are also less expensive with the same or better quality."

- warriorgirl55 6/1/15

"Purchased last week from AJ Madison a GE cooktop.

They shipped the following day and I had the cooktop within one week with perfect delivery by AM Home Delivery in Northern California.

The quick process of giving the cooktop to AM Trucking, then moving the cooktop across the country, then arranging local delivery and doing it all in one week is just about as fast as it gets.

This is the fourth purchase over the past couple of years and always good service and great delivery from this company."

- Walt N. 5/28/15

"I ordered a Maytag gas dryer from AJ Madison. When the dryer was delivered I did not notice that the front panel was dented from underneath, and the dent was not noticeable until the next day. I filed a claim with Specialized Transportation, the freight handler, and though they paid for the vinyl floor damage caused by moving the appliance, they denied payment to replace the dented front panel. The reason for the denial was that I had signed off on the shipment without exceptions.

The dent was not noticeable when first delivered. AJ Madison's requirement to inspect the shipment upon delivery and note any damage, or otherwise if the damage is not specified on the delivery invoice, AJ Madison will not be held responsible for the damage. This puts a tremendous burden on the consumer to turn the shipment over on all its sides for close inspection and to install the shipment to inspect its operation - all while the delivery personnel stand in wait. AJ Madison should be run out of business."

- Melinda 3/16/15

"I ordered a SMEG refrigerator online from AJ Madison.

After completing the order I realized I ordered the wrong swing on door. I called to change the product BEFORE DELIVERY and they wanted to charge me a 30% restocking fee of $750.00 even though I was still buying the refrigerator from them!

The return terms say 15-30% restocking fee if you RETURN an item, not if delivery is rejected. And there is no 15% fee - it's 30%. There is no difference whether or not you've accepted the order, opened the box or simply rejected delivery.

I decided to cancel the order all together and will have to eat $750.00 - but I'll order the refrigerator from a trustworthy company.

Do not buy anything from this company."

- anonymous 2/27/15

"I got a really good 18 gauge stainless steel undermount dual sink from AJ and it was delivered without a scratch on it. Install was simple and it looked just like the picture. The price was rock bottom and lower than I could find anywhere. I would recommend AJ to anyone."

- William Y. 4/7/14

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