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Albee Baby Carriage Reviews

Albee Baby is a retailer that carries a number of brands of complete baby collection including strollers, car seats and health and safety. Its online website offers free shipping for customers who purchase products for more than $100.

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Real Customer Reviews

Julie F. posted on 1/20/2014

"When I heard that Albee has been ratting out on competitors to the companies, I felt sick. They should be focused on the customers and moms - not stepping on other people's toes. I will never shop at Albee for their childishness"

Amy. posted on 1/21/2014

"I am a mom who is loves buying new baby gear products and am constantly doing so. But I will never purchase at AlbeeBaby.

I just heard that they've been tattling on their competitors to the manufacturer's - how low can they go?? Grow up, Albee - look for success in your own way. Stepping on others ain't gonna bring you good luck."

Jamie F. posted on 12/5/2014

"I agree with some of the other reviews that the store is a bit cramped and could use an update. However, if you don't live close to Buy Buy Baby, this place had the essentials to get you what you need.

Sometimes getting someones attention there can be a challenge but when you do, they're always very helpful and find you what you need."

ST K. posted on 9/26/2015

"I've ordered from this company a few times already and have been very happy with how fast they process/ship orders. They continually have the best prices and free shipping. With my last order, the Clek Foonf Infant Thingy, the item had a stain on it. I contacted Albee baby via email and got a response the very next day. Not only did they express ship me another one (item came the next day), they set up a pickup from FedEx to pick up the old item...completely hassle free for me. Customer service at its finest."

Ghodges. posted on 10/6/2015

"I was a little skeptical about ordering from because I had read some bad reviews on them. I decided to order from them anyway, and used PayPal to cover me in case the bad reviews were true. I am very happy to say that I had a wonderful experience with them, and will use them again if I ever need to order anything else. The day after I ordered, I received a shipping notice, and 4 days later my stroller and car seat were at my door!"

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