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Launched in April 2010, AliExpress is a leading global e-marketplace made up of small business sellers that offer a wide variety of consumer products with good value for money. It is dedicated to bringing unique products in more than 20 major product categories, ranging from suits, sports wear, dolls, faucets and juicers to necklaces, bangles and satellite TV receivers. There are millions of registered buyers in more than 220 countries and regions.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Aliexpress it self is great. great prices. Aliexpress it's the middle man for stores to sell their product. me and my buddys ordered 21 items and all arrived in 2 weeks.

My only problem is with 1 store in particular: Judy Jersey store: ordered a medium jersey, got here with tag medium on it but when i tried it on it's huge... a friend of mine uses a size 48 = XL and they are the exact same size. when i tried contacting the seller and send pics of the jerseys side to side and on top of the other proving they screwed up she called me a liar and has ignored me since then. i send over 20 messages and not once replied.... Ali express support is great they contacted seller right away and said if she does not contact me back they will cancel their contract with that store for breaking they're code

overhaul Ali is great any issues is due to the store you got it from not Ali express"

- marciog87 6/12/15

"I have purchased ~15 security cameras and security system components, a Sonim cell phone, and plumbing fixtures from Aliexpress. I have had no problems at all. I have stayed with vendors and products that have history/ratings, correct product information etc.. I have exchanged email with two of the vendors prior to purchase just to verify the product. The contacts quickly answered my emails---no communication problems at all. The products I purchased are exactly the same as what is sold locally and/or on Amazon. I have noticed a few of the products is was researching were listed on both Alliexpress and Amazon (same seller/contact). Note that all the products I have purchased are well known products. In fact, I was directed to Aliexpress by a number of security system experts as a source to obtain the same equipment at a substantial cost savings. One time the shipping took a week longer than what I usually see when buying from Amazon. I recently purchased the Sonim cell phone and it arrive the same day as my T-Mobile iPhones---I order them all the same day. Bottomline: I use the same caution shopping on Aliexpress as I do shopping on eBay."

- Power Shopper 6/7/15

"I am upset the item I picked out was not as described.the item described said that it was a verus slim armor case,to me that it looked on line to have protection,but it did not.the order#67343663169263,and the seller Juneau wants me to send back,but I believe that if I send back you should refund me just like I had to do when buy this item.And please inform Junwei that you get more out of people if you use kindness,but when you look at the messages he left me I think you will understand what I mean. Thank You for addressing this situation."

- chribrett0763 6/5/15

"I order from Ali express multiple times a week. I've only had one complaint & messaged my sender & they replaced my product with zero hassle. Like anything else don't be stupid about who you order from. I only order from top ranked sellers & sellers who have multiple positive feedback posts from buyers. I order sunglasses, clothes jewelry, make up, etc. They have a buyer protection also, so if your item Is not exactly as described you can get it replaced & keep the damaged/ not wanted item anyways. Do research on sellers & you'll be fine. Literally it's my favorite website, I'm addicted."

- Kat B. 5/11/15

"At first like most I was very skeptical to order from AliExpress but decided to risk it and go ahead anyway, I had amazing contact with my seller, he wrote back almost instantly throughout the time I ordered till i received my product and even after he offered me a discounted price if i ever ordered again, my product came in great shape and will likely be ordering again asap, the only slight issue i had was the shipping took about 10 days which was displayed from 5-15 days so it was honest and even earlier then said but i just hated waiting lol I tagged a review of my product watch if you are interested thanks! "

- adriannah 4/26/15

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