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Allied Shirts is an online store that offers all shirts including Concert T-shirts, College T-shirts,  Funny T-shirts, Graphic T-shirts, Solid T-shirts, Striped T-shirts and more. Allied Shirts team literally checks every shirt order that comes in for print quality and overall look. You never have to worry whether you uploaded the image incorrectly or if it will look great on a Tee. It’ll check it over, and if necessary, fix it.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I ordered a shirt from Allied shirts with a custom logo I uploaded to their site. A week later I was worried that I had sent them a logo that would be hard to work with, so I cleaned it up and ordered another shirt, on a totally separate order. I shouldn't have worried. Both shirts were perfect, and both made it to me before the date they were promised. Both shirts fit perfectly and look to be well made. I was very impressed with the ease and speed of the entire process. I heartily recommend them!"

- Ronald A. 7/16/15

"Never never do business with them! We ordered t-shirts for our trade show and paid $450 shipping to have guarantee delivery, but order was never process. All they say is refund! Who cares the refund! Who is going to make up business loss. This company doesn't respects and responsible at all."

- Lou S. 6/10/15

"We received the shirt I ordered for my son yesterday and it was exactly as I had specified with the colours, fonts, sizing and images exactly as I had wanted. The order took a bit longer to ship from the date I had actually placed it, but since they paid attention to detail and chose to have quality as their priority as opposed to shoddy workmanship with faster shipping, I don't feel this is much of a drawback. I would rather that time be devoted to getting my order done the way I had asked for it, instead of rushing through it and potentially making mistakes in favour of faster shipping times.

Overall I had a good experience with this merchant and I would definitely come back to buy from here again should I have the need.


- Harrison R. 5/5/15

"Allied Shirts will price match any competitors price for their customized printed t-shirts! They alredy have incredibly low prices so they are tough to beat but it's still nice to know that they would price match if a lower price was found."

- Dorothy W. 7/22/14

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