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Founded in 1992, Allivet  is the select provider of quality pet medication, farm and ranch tools for horse, dog, cat, pet and mroe. It is committed to providing the highest quality pet medications and pet care products to pet lovers & pet parents at the lowest prices while upholding the highest pharmacy standards.

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"I was looking for a better value with Revolution due to having two Pomeranians that need treatment each month. I looked no further than Allivet due to their discounted price. Once my veterinarian submitted the prescription, I received the medication as described in their shipping info. I saved almost $40 over what I had been paying.
I look forward to ordering on a regular basis."

- Terry A. 3/23/15

"Ordered my dog's medication and was told would have in 3-6 days. After 7 days I phoned them and they stated they had been shipped and I had to contact UPS and/or the post office. I did both and no one claimed responsibility. They both stated the other had it. Basically it was lost. Contacted Pet Meds and they said they would immediately send out new meds via overnight FedEx. Next day no meds. Called every day for three days and each day the same thing "we are sending overnight via FedEx." I became so angry. I never did receive the meds. Used a local pharmacy, cost a lot more but at least my dog got her medication."

- Leslie 1/31/15

"One of my dogs has an enlarged heart and one of the meds he is on is extremely expensive. I decided to do an online search for his medicine as it seems to be cheaper. When I came across the Allivet website, I could not believe how much money I would save by ordering it through them. They keep his prescription on file and I order it about a week before he runs out. It always arrives before he runs out. I love this place!! Each time I have called, I have found everyone very helpful and nice. I just found his Canine Cardiac Support on their website and ordered that. Once again, even with shipping charges, I am saving money. I noticed they said it was on sale....sure hope it stays on sale. I now have my boss ordering his arthritis medicine for his dog. Of course, I am the one who had to setup his online account and I have her meds setup for Auto Ship. FYI, I live across the Country in Southern California. I highly recommend Allivet and if i could I would give them more stars."

- Linda F. 6/24/14

"llivet has the best prices bottom line.They carry everything we need and the customer service is really good. I love my vet but Allivet has better prices on meds and better expiration dates. Plus I just buy more than one thing that covers the shipping and they send treats that make my doggy happy and the coupon makes me happy. (see my doggy pics). Love emmm! Thanks ya'll"

- Lisa B. 3/11/14

"I have been ordering prescription heart worm over the internet for DECADES. I had been a Doberman breeder and now own rescued greyhound racers. I have only used Allivet but two years. I need use Trifexis on three occasions for when we board our dogs with friends. It is unavailable through my previous supplier. My order was placed on Monday, Jan 6th, script for Trifexis and Iverhart mailed out the next day (Allivet also gives a 'prompt' phone reminder for this detail) and on Tuesday, Jan 14th the pills were received! Awesome! Allivet prices are the cheapest, order was efficiently processed, and delivery was unbelievably, very fast (despite horrible zero weather in the South).
I am now a loyal customer and recommend Allivet for these meds."

- Dee-in-WNC 1/14/14

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