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AllVetMed is one of only 17 Online Pet Pharmacies in the country. It is licensed Nationwide affording us the ability to ship Pet Medication Nationally. It is a unique pet pharmacy that offers our customers the ability to find what they want easily and deliver it as quickly, reliably and securely as possible. They offers Customer Service team which is available 24/7 and will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Excellent customer service.

I tried to use AllVetMed to place an order for Revolution for my cat. Unfortunately my vet does not participate with any online med suppliers. I sent a simple email to AllVetMed and within a matter of minutes they refunded me (used paypal). What an exceptioncal company and easy to work with. I just wish my Vet would be more accomodating. Perhaps I'll switch vets in order to cash in on the savings.

Great experience."

- sicosemen 4/24/15

"My veterinarian took place holiday for a month and my pet dog acquired genuine unwell he suggested me to make use of Allvetmed to get the medicine that Toby needed, they contacted my vet and he authorized the order, the issue now is that I no longer intend to acquire it from my veterinarian yet from Allvetmed given that I saved over $20, and obtained it delivered to my home."

- Laurentin A. 7/22/14

"My pet doctor suggests me this Online Pet Site…and first time it’s a risk to by medicine online…but I am really happy with their service. This is much better and I actually save money and can help cure my dog’s health. I hope they continue their good service and create more stock on pet medicine. :)"

- Flora 1/13/14

"I was told my order was 'lost in the mail', so after 8 days they sent out another, apparently. Then I was told there was a problem with the drug company. My dog desparately needed the pill that I ordered in plenty of time, but then after the delay, they refused to send a new order of the pills in express mail, or overnight even though they had never notified me that there would be a delay. I would never order from them again."

- Customer 11/26/13

"My Cats Heartworm prevention medication arrived to my Post Office very quickly and it was packaged safely and securely. Thank you AllVetMed for helping me keep my cat safe from heartworms!"

- raimo1 7/27/13

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