Altatac Reviews & Coupons – Why It Deserves 5-Star?

Altatac is an online store that offers a wide selection of supplies including clthing & accessories, sports & outdoors, consumer electronics, tactical gear and more. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of Altatac.

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Real Customer Service

"This worked great right out of box. It recorded DVD's with no problems. And it played movies perfectly using VLC Player. Didn't have to install any software. It came with a Trial Version of Nero that I didn't even bother to install. Much cheaper than buying a new laptop just to replace the broken DVD Burner that's inside mine."

- MC24DC 7/29/15

"I have bought other tac equipment besides my High-Cap Mag Pouches at Altatac and each time I a very pleased with the quality and the low prices. I will shop Altatac again!"

- JDMg 3/26/15

"My refurbished GPS arrived on time and was in perfect condition. The only way the service could be improved would have been if the Seller had updated the OS and the maps before shipping: it's a slow process due to the file sizes and resultant long download times."

- DonMcC 2/3/15

"I was EXTREMELY pleased with the value of a CD Holder/Case but I needed one feature it did not have (the ability to allow Scotch Tape to stick to the plastic covering so I could reference my BURNED CDs). Altatac could have argued with me but instead was VERY communicative, fair, open-minded - and actually gave me a REFUND without me asking!!! What a refreshing pleasure in these days of usual poor Customer Service Depts. Thank you, again"

- alanbones 1/10/15

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