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Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple who met by chance, Amolatina is an innovative dating site built on the belief that love knows no boundaries. Amolatina was one of the first companies to develop a platform designed to connect people from around the world and it remains at the forefront of its field, continually developing improved communication technologies that allow people to discover and enjoy the possibilities of an exciting, globally-interconnected future. The site now has over 20 million members, more than 80 million visitors annually and 1.5 million+ messages exchanged daily.

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Real Customer Reviews

"A good site with lot’s of great girls. . Would like them to have a little cheaper membership available. It may have its issues but you know what, I like the site, it allows people to meet beautiful Latin girls from all over the African continent and for me that really is a plus when it comes to this site.Yes, there are bad elements but this site does have good parts too. It is all part of life. For my vote, this site gets a good rating!"

- Owen F. 8/28/15

"I want to delete my profile.
The girl I was looking for has appeared in my life. Ardina is all I was dreaming about. Such girls are very rare now… She was honest, telling me in the beginning she wanted someone to help her to leave her country and a better life, one she could be proud of.
Wish you luck guys!"

- Happy S. 3/17/15

"Hi, everyone. Tanned chocolate of beautiful Latinas’ skin makes me crazy! Yes, I love Latinas. Latin women are educated, intelligent, cultured, and accomplished, but at the same time they are so loving, tender, caring and humble.
Well, really happy to have this site with so many hot girls))."

- Ralph R. 12/23/14

"hi, i have been on this site for over a year and wasting my money, i have been chatting to a few girls and yes they won't or say they can;t give you there email address, this one girl by the name of renata, i asked for her last name she gave me it, it was moura. very popular name i checked on facebook she was from brazil., the other girl i was chatting to her name is jemina, so i asked her last name, she is from costa rica, funny enough her last name was mora, very similiar spelling to the last one, thats when i think the alarm bell are ringing. so i am going to delete my account, i'm angry with myself for being so stupid trying to find a nice latino women."

- Homer S. 3/22/14

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