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Amtrak is one of the leading companies that offer both commuter and long-distance rail service throughout the United States, providing people who want to travel the peace and quiet that many seek while traveling. It is striving to deliver a high quality, safe, on-time rail passenger service that exceeds customer expectations. Officially known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, the company is dedicated to delivering a high quality, safe, on-time rail passenger service that exceeds customer expectations, operating over 21,000 routes in 46 states.

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"Overall a very good mode of travel! I am a frequent traveler, but have always flown. I have to say, it is the comfort of first class air travel minus the free cocktails! The ability to charge your device is a plus. This trip was slightly late, but we were kept updated with new arrival times. I definitely would take Amtrak in the future."

- Scott W. 5/26/15

"Reservation were done all wrong. 10 members of my family were left behind in San Francisco while out in the rain with no way of coming back home because of a mistake done by Amtrak. We had 6 kids with us a no way to come home."

- Rosa 5/9/15

"This is my second time riding the Amtrak train for a weekend trip. On time both times. All the staff has been kind and curteous. Great food at low prices. Clean and spacious. Tickets are very affordable. The station in Chicago has a nice selection of places to eat. Several areas to sit and relax while you wait. I recommend avoiding the traffic if you can by taking the train!!"

- D P. 2/14/15

"A 2nd class ticket will result in 2nd class treatment unless the train is exceptional. Most are not. It's a mode of travel that is dying so measures aren't being taken to make it more attractive. That doesn't mean that you will be treated badly, only that you will be ignored. Consumers have to pay to be treated like someone cares. That said, coach class on Amtrak is survivable. It's a tad uncomfortable on trips spanning more than 4-hours, but if you want comfort, you can try 1st class. You have NO say in your riding companion. You have to sit where you are told, but they almost always allow couples to sit with each other if there is room. Really, it's okay unless you seated next to someone who is loud, rude, chatty, or smelly! Let's face it, nearly everyone in coach could do with a lesson in etiquette so you will be inconvenienced at some point. Expect it. The worst thing about coach on Amtrak would have to be the bathrooms! They are more like metal out-houses. Disgusting! Btw, I used to think it was a cliche whenever I would hear people say that the attendants yell, "Wake up people! Dinner reservations! Who wants dinner?" But they do! So yeah, expect Amtrak Coach to take you where you need to go, but don't expect a perfect trip."

- MiddleClass 5/2/15

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