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Animoto is a technology brand that is popular with photographers, realtors and businesses, encouraging people to share special moments through the magic of video and music. is a website where people who takes pictures and wants to preserve them can turn their photographs and music into video slideshows. Animoto website features a user-friendly user interface allowing users to use it easily for Business, Home purpose, Wedding, Birthdays, Travel, Education, Hobby Photography and more.


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Real Customer Reviews

"I have been using Animoto for over a year and find it to be a real asset to my business. If you are using the highest quality photographs, this tool does an incredible job. It is simple and fast. If you are a professional videographer, film maker, or editor, this obviously is not for you. If you are in business and want to make short videos with little effort and a great price you will love this. It is a genius idea!"

- Reagan02 3/8/15

"Got to love them! Very easy and easier to produce a nice presentation or intro video to market your business. One thing I need to mention is, the free is good. To unlock better futures, I highly recommend upgrading."

- Laura S. 7/4/14

"I love the convenience of making these type of videos. It can virtually be used for anything and anywhere. I am a college student and I used Animoto for a class presentation, but I will continue to use it for family vacations and any other occasions."

- Bernice Reaza 3/4/14

"We use it in school!!!! Proof enough that its educational!!!!
We use this in science a lot. It encourages kids to be creative and create a collage on their favorite topic. I even made my own account that I use at home. I rated it for 8+ cause even though the steps to completion of your video are simple and easy to learn kids 7 and under might not get the hang of the whole thing."

- Kids 5/29/13

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