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Jennifer W. posted on 11/27/2013

"I have been hooked by perfect world games for years now. The free to play model works for me and I only pay for the things I want. I have spent more money that I thought I would but that has all been by my choice."

Scott D. posted on 3/8/2014

"The reason I am giving arc games 5 stars is how they developed their games to be free to level up but getting you to pay for items that are more for personal reasons than for gameplay."

Frank W. posted on 4/13/2014

"Perfect world by arcgames is gorgeous. The character graphics are so much better than wow and all of the rest. Best of all no montly subscription fees."

Bob X. posted on 8/8/2014

"I have played neverwinter nights for over a year and it is completely free. Yes zen purchases ever made. Great game for free."

Niel B. posted on 2/1/2015

"I usually don't like MMO games, but STAR TREK ONLINE is one of the most fun games I have ever played so I make an exception for this one."

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