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With millions of members around the world, Christian Mingle is an online dating site where Christian singles can find a local single with a strong faith in Christ love. It is a free dating sight for Christians who want to find compatible partners with a strong faith in Christ love for a relationship, making this pleasantly possible for its members. It is the place where Christians can make new friends with other Christians or find someone who shares similar values, traditions and the same Christian views.


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"Christian Mingle is a popular dating site that offers services for helping fellow Christian members find someone to start a relationship with. This is the perfect website to find someone to match in love, morals and religion. This allows you to delight yourself into the desires of the heart and the lord.
Christian Mingle have some of the most unique features to help match up single Christian men and women. They are the color code personality profile, readiness IQ report and compass matching test. With those 3 unique features, finding someone of same faith can be achieved.
Christian Mingle has already created many Christian couples with the Lord’s help. Come join as a member now to find a future spouse that shares the same values in love, morals and religion as you do."

- Anonymous 4/9/15

"Great dating website. Met my current fiancé a year and a half ago. Only had a membership for 3 months. If you’re a Christian with HIGH expectations, you will have a hard time on this site. The men aren’t always accountable to their lustly desires. For instance, I had a guy tell me that he couldn’t date me because he needed sex in his life. You may get lucky like I did, and find a genuine person with morals or standards that meet your needs. Honestly this site allows for 2 ppl with similar morals & values to give it a chance. The site also makes suggestions to ppl that share similar beliefs or past times like you do. All in all, I would recommend it because it worked out for me. I want to have faith that it’ll also work out for you ."

- Anonymous 1/3/15

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