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Ashley Bridget

Ashley Bridget is one of the industry leaders in fashion-forward jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces, jewelry tattoos, leg warmers and socks. It embodies the youth, energy, and passion of women all around the world. Every piece of Ashley Bridget is a work of art that accentuates the charismatic charm every girl encompasses.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Today I received notice that a bracelet I was interested in was back in stock. I ordered it for my daughter and then received an e-mail offering me a $10 discount as well as a 60% discount going to everyone I referred to this site. I wrote back saying that I would like to have had a 60% discount for this, my first order, too! Shortly thereafter I received an e-mail saying that my payment account had been given a 60& credit! Customer service doesn't get any better than that! I am looking forward to receiving the bracelet."

- John R. 10/6/15

"I think they do what they promise. I didn't receive my bracelet. So I called they sent a new one. I called them back to let them know that I already got the first one. I told them I would send it back, she said not to worry about it. I will still order from them. Very polite to me too."

- Joseph J. 8/21/15

"Fabulous customer service. I placed an order and put in the wrong discount code. All it took was a few minutes on live chat and they had it fixed for me without any question. I definitely think I found a new place to shop!"

- Myron D. 7/16/15

"I purchased 3 bracelets (Faith) with the expectation of receiving everything the website offered.(gift boxes, COA) Never received anything but the bracelets and as these are gifts I want the complete order. I have been in contact with your customer service in NY and at first they said they didn't have them and now that I have proved to them that is not correct and they do have them your customer service manager has advised me she won't send them. I have a long email chain of correspondence if you are interested in reading it. Such a poor way of doing business. I called your NY office and was told she was the only person I could talk to and knew that would be a waste of time. So disappointed in your company. Would never had ordered if I thought I wouldn't get what was advertised. Order # 9485 Thanks."

- Dale E. 6/24/15

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