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AT&T U-verse is a leading provider of IP-based communications services such as broadband internet, long distance calls, cable TV, and cellular and paging services.  It now has been the biggest broadband services provider in the United States with over 17 million subscribers to AT&T U-verse, a VDSL service via a FTTN communications network.
Launched on June 26, 2006, U-verse is the Evolution of Digital TV, Internet and Voice, which includes broadband Internet, IP telephone, and IPTV services. AT&T U-verse includes fiber optic technology to deliver better digital TV, faster Internet, and a smarter phone.
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Real Customer Reviews

"I want to start out with stating that before i switched to U-verse i had Comcast for my internet and DishNetwork for my TV. Comcast had fast internet but awful customer service and cheap/crappy products & DishNetwork had great channels but with the smallest amount of rain or wind it would be out.

I decided to switch to AT&T because i knew they had good customer service from having a cellphone with them, and they were pretty much my only other option for internet in my area.

I have only had the U-verse for 4 days now, but i have to say that i LOVE it! I have my main internet and uverse box in my bedroom (she told me she could run the wires wherever i wanted them) and then put a wireless box in my living room. I love the fact that i can record lots of different shows on the built in dvr and watch them from any tv, there is no interuptions from storms or anything like that, the picture is crystal clear, the onDemand lets me watch lots of different shows for free or order TONS of different movies, and there is lots of different apps you can play with like facebook, weather, etc.

As far as internet goes, i got the 18mbps with AT&T and i had the 45mbps with Comcast.....i honestly can not tell a difference! Now granted i dont do any kind of online gaming or watching movies on my computer, but i do my college online, watch tv shows sometimes, and my boyfriend uses it to upload videos to youtube and neither of us can see a difference. Also the 18mbps that you get with uverse is consistant and with comcast sometimes it would be slower....i like that fact that i am actually getting what i paid for!

As far as the person complaining about having to wait for there gift card....i have to say that should be expected! AT&T has a 30 day money back guarontee so they are not going to give away money like that untill they are sure the person is going to stick to the contract."

- stephaniej2888 9/30/14

"It hurts to have to give AT&T even one star. Their service is terrible. I have the newest version of they DVR cable box. It is slow and often just stalls and won't load. The service reps on the phone are poorly trained and waste you time. I'm not sure the local cable company is any better but it would be difficult to be worse."

- Lanny Z. 8/24/13

"I love their programming (U-200 package is worthwhile). But watch the monthly bills. Discounts don't show up and other charges DO show up when they should've been waived. A call to AT&T's Customer Service - (800) 288-2020 - usually gets things fixed.

Wish the rest of the cable/Internet industry would be better than this, because I can't think of another provider that I'd give more than 3 stars to."

- Johnson G. 1/4/13

"I've been reading through all the bad reviews on here, and it's a shame that ATT has failed so many people. I've had U-Verse TV and High Speed Internet for about three months now, and I'm completely satisfied. I pay $100 a month for over 300 channels and 12mbps high speed internet. I've got the free DVR which records up to 4 shows at once from any room in the house. The installation tech showed up on time, and it took about 3 hrs to install, just as ATT said it would. The only issue that has come up was after about 30 days, the picture began to get choppy, as if it was buffering. I called ATT, they sent a tech out the next morning, and I haven't had the issue since (approx 60 days later). I was paying $60 a month for less than 200 channels from cox (I believe around 180 or so), no DVR, no interent, and I didn't get any movie channels or sports channels.

With ATT, I get all the Starz channels, all the Showtime channels, The Movie Channel, and a few others, plus tons of free movies on demand at no extra charge. HBO and Cinemax are extra. I also get multiple Disney and Nickelodeon channels, which is a life saver when you have a toddler. With ATT, I can search for shows and set reminders quickly. I couldn't search with COX, and I could only set reminders from the guide, and scrolling hours ahead in the guide menu is time consuming. I hope that ATT begins treating other customers as they've treated me, because I recommend U-Verse to everyone!"

- brianlarsen 10/14/12

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