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Banana Hobby

Banana Hobby specializes in providing their customers with all different kids of RC vehicles. They carry surface vehicles, airplanes, helicopters and much more in their online store.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I just have to say, WOW. this company changed so much over the past few months. i dont have to wait on the phone and i can just text them. never heard of a company that offers this kind of service. i came back to them because of thier 90mm viper on sale and needed sum parts for my fms glider. they said they dont' carry fms anymore but i texted them and they texted right back with a link on where to get them. now thats helpful"

- flyingacejohnson 3/5/15

"I have been a customer for years. If I had missing parts, I live close by and go to the business. They are always helpful. I have been told that they have hired extra help for customer service and are feverously working on quality control issues. But, overall they are a great company."

- Seiko T. 9/11/13

"I have dealt with Banana Hobby for several years now. They were very attentive to my needs. Ms. Fiona gave me her email address if I needed anything because sometimes their line was busy. Their employees are very helpful. I still do business with their company. I have seen them open another box if my box was missing a part. Great company."

- Seiko 9/4/13

"I ordered a remote control airplane from Banana Hobby.The tail section was broken upon delivery.

I was not too upset as these things happen. I first tried to use their "live chat" customer support. It took somewhere around 2-3 hours for someone to finally address me. They told me to send pictures to their email support team.

I did so immediately and waited nearly a week for them to respond with their solution to rectify the situation.

After hearing nothing, I emailed them again and told them that I dislike having to return things so that if they would send me an appropriate glue I would repair it myself.Still no word from them so I shall be reporting them on every site I can find and warn others to avoid them."

- Dman883 1/15/11

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