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As a major player in the world of personal body care products, Bath & Body Works specializes in offering cosmetics, bath products and fragrance items. Some of their most popular products include Bath and Body Works lotion and hand sanitizer in an array of scents. In addition to the diverse offerings of personal care products, they also carry luxury and cosmeceutical skincare brands like Patricia Wexler, Anthony Logistics for Men, C.O. Bigelow, Murad and Zeno.

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"I've recently placed a couple orders online for the first time. I have steered clear of their site because they charge for shipping & it was easier to shop in the store but I hate shopping this time of year. Also, they had a good deal & coupon codes happening so I gave it a shot. I also knew all the scents I wanted & like so that made it easier too.

Their shipping was a little slow but overall I'm very happy with my order!"

- Jennifer M. 12/14/14

"I love Bath and Body Works!! Whether I'm in the store or online, I never encounter any issues! They always have great deals and I can use coupons too!! One of the benefits of doing business online is that I won't be tempted to pick things up, which leads to decreased occurrences of me accidentally dropping things, which happens a bit more often than I'd like to admit :( Also another benefit of ordering online is that you can get all of your favorite out of season scents because of their clearance section!! Love them!!"

- Jessica R. 11/29/14

"As a kid, there was no worse torture than to bring me here. My sensibilities have changed drastically since I got my own place. The store is bright and happy, and obviously always smells so nice. There are always friendly staff there to greet you and make you feel welcome during your shopping experience. I enjoy the sinks throughout the store to try soaps or just make your hands feel clean after a long shopping trip.

They have consistently valuable sales, usually giving away free products especially at the beginnings and ends of different seasons. I am partial to the Autumn, Winter, and Hawaiian themes. The last two times I went, I took advantage of 7 soaps for cheap prices, and lately their 3-wick candles 2/$22 plus a free soap.

Their products make my home and hands always smell so fresh and nice, especially around the holidays."

- Alexander G. 9/29/14

Bath and Body works revamped their hand soaps in the spring and now they are slightly bigger than before! (8oz to 8.75oz for foaming hand soaps) They do not offer anti-bacterial properties but are now more moisturizing. They don't really dry out the hands and the foaming hand soaps lather up so well! Despite them having a 3 dollar all hand soaps sale, the store was still packed! Nothing was out of stock and everything was lined up perfectly. Great deal!

Tip: To make your soaps last longer, refill them with water when they are half way used (For foaming hand soaps).

- Vivian Y. 7/29/14

"I order from Bath & Body several times a year, never under $150-$200 for birthdays for all 6 of my daughters, then my own and my largest yearly purchase right after Christmas which I just recieved. They are on the East Coast and I am West Coast it only takes about 7 days to get here from order date. I have never had one single problem and like ALMOST all the fragrances. Really enjoy the seasonal as well-and candles are a huge bonus for gifting. I am very very satisfied with this company."

- msslynne 1/7/13

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