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Forever 21 is an American chain of fashion retailers with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and sales of $3.7 billion in 2013. Forbes ranked Forever 21 as the 122nd largest private company in America. From the initial, small, 900 square ft. Los Angeles store in 1984 to over 480 locations in the United States and abroad today, Forever 21 has experienced immense growth. The stores themselves have also expanded, including 9,000 square ft. shops in malls and 24,000 square ft. XXI flagship stores. Forever 21 is known for its trendy offerings and its economical pricing. Women’s, men’s, and girls’ clothing, accessories, and beauty products are sold.

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Real Customer Reviews

Suzane C. posted on 6/17/2010

"I am so happy for with free shipping over $75. It totally beats the crowd and the line, hurts my feet, since all the stores are like 2-3 stories high now with thousands of items. It's harder and harder to shop at the stores and tiring.

I love the site since you can order for the same price as you would get them in stores and you can do returns and exchanges in the stores without the hassle but only for store credit. If you want you can even return them in the mail and get your cash back. But I usually don't mail it back since it's out of your pocket to mail it back. And, even if I get store credit I will eventually use it sooner or later in a store or online.

Forever 21 has dramatically changed over the years I've shopped here. The quality of their clothes and the designs have become very trendy and up to date. The prices have risen over the years but still quite cheap compared to other brand names. I personally love shopping here since you can get good deals in clothing and now with accessories and jewelry and even shoes.

I warn you tho that shopping online is a sickness and you might end up buying more than you wanted significantly. The clothes are on models and everything just looks so good. I ended up buying so much online and some of them didn't fit right. Most of them look very good but the ones that didn't fit I was able to get store credit. I used that store credit to go back online and buy the bigger size and the item was out of stock. The turnaround for this store is like 1-2 days. If you want something, get it right away since they run out of sizes quick. If you are like me and you get sick of styles quick, it's good to get something cheap and throw it out after.

The service has gotten better over the years and return policy is much better than before. Probably since the owners are multi-billionaires now they realized that it's ok to have a 30 day policy compared to their no returns no exchange policy in the past."

Rosie W. posted on 12/31/2011

"Forever 21 is pretty great. They have decent clothes. I try to stick to the basics, and get my accessories and jeans elsewhere lest i end up looking like a forever 21 loving pod-person. The Chico location is pretty fricken big, and pretty well organized. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars, is because they have a few overly helpful sales people that annoy the stuffing out of me. Recently an older lady helped me find a sweater dress, and then asked me no less than three times "Are you sureeeeee you wear a medium, because our clothes run pretty small." Not cool."

Awer B. posted on 9/28/2014

"After years of buying shirts off the shelf with that "garbage bag" fit I stumbled upon Forever 21. At first I was a little hesitant to shell out $100 or more for a shirt but I was already paying around $80 for my preferred shirt so I figured why not. For a guy like me (6'5", 220lbs) finding a shirt that fit well was impossible. If it fit well in the arms and body it was way too short and if it was long enough, it was big enough to fit 3 of me. I hated the look of a shirt that billowed out at the waist and Forever 21 was my solution. I've now ordered 5 shirts from them and every one has been perfect. I never worry about the fit when ordering and the options are endless so I know I'll get exactly what I want. Just a word of advice, if you can't decide between fabrics, read the reviews and spend a little extra if necessary, you won't regret it."

Alexis L. posted on 7/28/2014

"I love this location! There are two within five blocks of each other and they both have 3 floors, which means it has everything you need!

Great basic section (or should I say, floor!) and a big men's section (not like in the Sac area, where I usually have to go to). There's a huge variety of accessories and bags, wherever the women's clothing is. Everything is conveniently placed :)

Even the makeup section is huge! I love it.

The customer service is also great, and the lines weren't as hectic as I expected.
There were cashiers on each floor, which was convenient

I will definitely be coming back!"

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