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BeautyEncounter is the trusted and affordable beauty destination online that delivers a vast selection, extraordinary experience and excellent service. It offers fragrance, skincare, makeup, haircare, bath & body items. Many well-known brands are available such as Dior, Channel, Lancome, Borghese, Godwell, ABBA and more.  With more than 1,000 brands to shop from, you just might find a new beauty obsession today!

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Real Customer Reviews

"SO FAR SO GOOD!!! I've never had a problem YET !!! w/ Beauty Encounter. Besides having great selection; including "Hard to find" items. Including ordering by phone; always cordial. I prefer the convenience of being in CA; I usually get my shipments w/ 2-3 days. GREAT!!! Gus."

- GUS 8/3/15

"Totally satisfied with my order. I could not find this product anywhere else and I was so happy to find it on your site. I got it the day you said I would, well wrapped (it is glass) and I will shop with you again. Thanks!"

- Judy W. 7/23/15

"Beauty We're your premier online source for fragrances and beauty products including men and women's fragrances, skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and beauty accessories- all at affordable prices. The Beauty product is very quality and attract to the customers.Beauty Encounter offers the ultimate beauty products shopping experience with over 40,000 items from over 1100 brands. You're sure to find your favorite cosmetics and perfumes at affordable prices! Be sure to get great additional savings to this service."

- rosa h. 9/9/14

"I've only ordered fragrances from them on other stores, and have never had a problem they shipped very fast and were 100% Authentic. According to the batch codes the oldest fragrance I've received from them was 16 months old, the rest being 12 months or newer which isn't bad. I've never had any grey market crap with the batch codes or store code scratched off or cut out of the box.
I've noticed that when dealing with costumer service over the phone or email for that matter, usually pays off to remain calm, and collective.
Highly recommended for fragrances!"

- Dave S. 4/1/14

"I email signed up with them and get special offers. They have great bargains, send stuff promptly, deal with problems quickly and efficiently (not many problems to date) and over the years I've enjoyed many gorgeous products from them which are packaged well and I can't complain!"

- Isobel Malik 3/29/14

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