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bebe is the go-to destination for chic, contemporary fashion. The brand evokes a mindset – an attitude, not an age. It’s a true original, always defining fashion’s next stride forward. Designed for the confident, sexy, modern woman, bebe is a global label that embodies a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle.

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Real Customer Reviews

Trudy H. posted on 10/9/2010

"Bebe is deeply awesome. I love their style, quality and sale prices. The regular prices can be a smidgin steep. But no one said style is cheap.

The women who work there are always friendly and helpful. I love their fall/winter clothes as they have really cute sweaters too. Whether you are going to work, a club or a nice party, you can find something nice to wear there.

I got some of the cutest black heels there, that I still have not worn though, hehe. I will one day. One of my favorite sweaters ever is from Bebe. This branch looks small when you enter, but it curves around and is much larger. They also have multiple sales racks.

Bebe is a great place to shop for the fashion conscious."

Kayla C. posted on 4/20/2012

"This Bebe definitely got an UPGRADE.

I don't shop here frequently but the associates are so friendly and are happy to help you. They almost always have my size which is a PLUS since it's such a hassle trying to find my size in anything (shoes, dresses etc). I'd prefer to go to this bebe than any other one I've been to in the bay area :) They have some dresses that are only available "online" @ this location too!"

RJA A. posted on 8/16/2012

"I used to buy from Bebe all the time. It was my number one store. Everything is made sooo cheap now. My jeans rip and fall apart after a few months. This never happened before. Everything is MADE IN CHINA! what happened to the quality??? I never shop here anymore because they jeans cost $100-$190.00!!"

Ghalia Z. posted on 1/20/2014

"well I am writing this review manly because of the great customer service, I wish I can give them more than 5 starts for that! I know that their stuff can be really tacky, but it depend and how you wear bebe and to choose what is right for you, I don't like to expose a lot of skin, I agree with some of the reviewers that some stuff are over priced or too pricy comparing to the quality, I'll I have is tops, sweaters and dresses, they're all good quality and made me came for more, I don't own a jeans so I can't talk about that although it seems very hard to find a good quality stretch pair of jeans this day, I just had an incident with a dress was sent to me and I still gave it 4 starts but let's say it was defective, they ask me to sent a picture and process a replacement order- as I ask- right away! I shop online a lot and is my favorite, they made asos and guess so meh!"

Amanda N. posted on 6/6/2014

"I love this place every time I come in! I get greeted right away and when I have a question they are pretty quick to help me out. I always feel that they are knowledgable with their products and customer service is on point."

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