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BestOfferBuy is a Factory-Direct e-Commerce Singapore company based in China that offers electronics, groceries, basic everyday items, entertainment goods and multimedia products. There’s a vast selection of fantastic products, such as electronic gadgets, novelty gadgets and other electronic gifts – many of which are popular choices that consumers will love. The company now has served more than half a million consumers all over the world since 2003.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I was impressed by the products and services. My nephew is happy, which means I am happy too. Thank you."

- Michael J. Laury 9/14/14


In regards to a purchase on 2/8/2014 for $51.60. I ordered two Wii U Pro Controllers. They sent me one item that worked as advertised, and one item that was defective. I contacted them to replace the item and they told me I needed to pay the shipping to return it to Singapore and I would not be reimbursed. That would cost more than the item is worth.

The item that did actually turn on and connect to the console was ALSO very scratched up and looked as thought it had been used before. There is no doubt in my mind that they sold me used/refurbished controllers that their website passed off as new.

I have opened a case with PayPal for a refund of the defective item."

- Leon L. 3/5/14

"i have shop here regularly i found this place reliable

I always get my order on time and the product is in very good condition

highly recommend you check this place out."

- Veronica 8/11/13

"Great priced product though had an English spelling mistake on the back which devalues a little. I would buy from them more often if the postage was quicker, but being free can't complain. Overall very satisfied and would recommend to others!"

- John R. 6/9/13

"i purchased a hand buzzer it never worked, so they sent out a replacement that never worked so i asked for a refund, they said I will have to pay for P&P which is more than the item. When i complained my emails got ignored."

- sukhvir s. 4/6/12

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