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Bidz is an American online auction company that specializes in the auction of jewelry and other accessories by famous brands, such as COACH, OMAX, Gucci, Chanel,  Autore and more. has devoted every effort to provide a convenient way to bridge the supply and need across the world for a wide selection of selections of watches, earrings, necklaces, and even engagement rings.

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Real Customer Reviews

"i was a bidz member since wow so long ago i cant even remember i have so much jewlary and very good ones. they were so good in price i luv it and now am bk hoping i can get more for my money at good auctions biz u rock."

- anna r. 5/14/15

"I was a frequent flyer of and promoted its website to all my friends and coworkers. I won many bids and received quality jewelry for quite some time. A few years ago I noticed that the quality of the jewelry was getting cheaper and the bidding was going through the roof on these low quality items. I assumed that the site was compromised and that they were bringing in substandard items and manipulating the bidding. I quit participating when the last few items I "won" were way below average in quality. No longer worth the time nor the effort."

- LUN L. 3/2/15

"I bought jewelery from and I ma satisfied with the product's quality, the only drawback is that you have to wait longtime to receive your item , I also have remark, when the item is not sold , they contact you to buy but they do not make any discount which is unfair !!"

- jenna v. 2/6/15

"I'm glad I did not give any of my personal information on this new Bidz site.It was my experience if they said an item would ship in 5 to 6 weeks, I never got my item.

They had my money, and i had to wait for up to two weeks before I saw my refund posted to my bank account. Also, this site still uses the highly recognizable logo Bidz. The last package I had received clearly had been torn into on the side that was at least 2 inches long. I believe some one within the organization went into business for themselves.

I hope they catch these crooks. I had been a satisfied customer of Bidz for years. I'm sorry this has happened.

This new Bidz site are probably the same people that brought this organization down, and may not even own the inventory they are posting.They are currently in bankruptcy, so buyer beware."

- M M. 1/13/15

"I won a bid on March 7th and as of May 5th, I am still waiting. They asked me to cancel my order, but I explained to them that I won an auction on an item and expected the item to be delivered! I have never had any problem with, but if what I am now reading from others is true coupled with my current situation with them, I would not recommend them at all."

- Sara J. 12/16/14

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