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BlackBerry Reviews

BlackBerry is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company best known to the general public as the developer of the BlackBerry brand of smartphones and tablets, but also well known worldwide as a provider of secure & high reliability software for industrial applications and Mobile Device Management (MDM). BlackBerry’s software and hardware products are used worldwide by various government’s agencies and by car makers and industrial plants throughout the world, much of this activity being unseen by the public.

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Anna L. posted on 8/9/2008

"Blackberry vs iPhone - What's all this hype about a 3G iPhone? Some of us aren't docked in an office all day and actually NEED more than 5 hours of battery life! I'm always on the go - and a tactile QWERTY is a must for me. For those of us who oftentimes get trapped at airports - the Blackberry Media Sync is also compatible with iTunes! The 3G Blackberry Bold is due to come out so the iPhone really needs to move over. Sure, the iPhone is CUTER..."

aquia n. posted on 6/29/2013

"Lever International Ltd. The company is in Shenzhen, China, In the Futian District. Distributors in Blackberries and IPhones.
Their website is
The sales rep. is Stone.
They show an impressive site with a picture of shoppers busy shopping.
I was given a bank account, to transfer the money to. The invoice sent has the stamp or seal of company. I was told I would receive the phones in 2 business days that was the 13th of July and till date, I have not received the phones. No responds to my mails or phone calls. Pls do not buy or do business with any Chinese company over the net because they are all fraudsters. If you cannot go to China in person then know that you are going to loose your money.

Justin B. posted on 12/1/2013

"i been a blackberry user for over 9 years i had any kind of blackberry out there. i tried to swap to apple iphone but its nothing to compare to the blackberry OS. then i tried android phone but always find my self go back to blackberry i just start using the new blackberry Q10 and the phone is simply amazing. the phone OS is fast and reliable unlike android and apple iphone. BLACKBERRY FOR LIFE!"

Chad M. posted on 8/19/2014

"I would probably say that the design is a bit fat and isn't as comfortable as other phones to hold in your hands.
And the poor speaker volume it crackles and also sometimes creates a noise as if pressing keypad buttons.
The battery life is not good but overall it is an average phone."

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