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Founded in 1998, Bluefly is a leading online retailer of designer brands, fashion trends and superior value. Bluefly is headquartered in the heart of the Fashion District. In 2011, Bluefly expanded its portfolio, launching Belle & Clive, a members-only shopping destination that presents highly curated selections of important brands via limited time sale events. Bluefly is a pioneer in offering the best in designer brands and fashion trends at a value customers love in an online environment that is fun to visit and easy to navigate.

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Angel T. posted on 4/9/2014

"This is my second time purchasing from bluefly & they were both expensive designer handbags. I was horrified after reading the reviews but they were such great deals that i ignored the reviews and I'm so thankful i did ignore them the second handbag is a mulberry bayswater 40% cheaper than the actual price & omg its beautiful exactly what the picture looks. Its in perfect condition with a dust bag, my only complain is that it came in box & wrap in cheap plastic trash bag unlike my first order it came in a huge zip lock nevertheless it didn't affect the integrity of the bag it was still in perfect condition its just that it made it look cheap but what the heck I'm paying a lot less for this heavenly bag. Customer service had been great with me too i had issues with my shipping charges I'm suppose to get a free shipping but was not credited after i submitted the order. I emailed them & got a response in less than 24 hrs & credited the shipping in about less than 3 days. I was surprised coz as i was reading the reviews credits & customer service is almost impossible to deal with but so far i have been lucky. I also got an email for the confirmation order & a fedex tracking just like any other online orders. So there I'm one happy gal! Thanks bluefly hope to see more great deals & hopefully will not have issues like others I'm keeping my fingers cross!"

Kristy Jo W. posted on 11/3/2014

"Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from their mailing list. Every so often I find myself tempted to order from their website because their promotions sound so lovely. I've placed order from Bluefly three times in the past and all three times have experience impossibly terrible customer service. They're just as bad as Bank of America, Delta Airlines and Cox Communications."

peharvey24. posted on 11/15/2014

"OMG, I'm so excited about my purchase with you BLUEFLY!
I was so apprehensive about the size of a coat order by Shelli Segal, but it was perfect! The fiber & fabric feels so grand. I love BF .COM
Sincerely, an extremely pleased customer. "

Raqiyyah P. posted on 12/12/2014

"Be careful with them; their one day only sale prices are often inaccurate. For example, today I saw a pair of gloves supposedly only available today for an extra 15% off... that upon closer examination were the exact same price bluefly has listed them for the last two weeks (without the today only language). When I called them about this blatantly false advertising they refused to honor the promise of an additional 15% off. The supervisor's explanation gave me the impression this is a typical business practice for the company."

meehyun k. posted on 1/9/2015

"I have to say so far my experience with the bluefly has been positive. It also has really good discounts on brand names. I even bought a vera wang dress which turned out to be a bargain. For example stuff on Prada may not be the best prices but they do go on sales and it is better than the outlet prices. Also you do not have to drive to the outlets!
I've read other review about the cashmere having holes. Unfortunately my cashmere whether bought from other retailers have holes!! It is just the nature of having wool, cashmere which bugs love to eat."

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