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Bob’s Stores Reviews & Coupon – How Are Things in Bobs Discount?

Bob's Stores Reviews

Bob’s Stores is a chain of 35 retail stores in the northeastern United States owned by Versa Capital Management. The chain targets moderate-income customers with a selection of footwear, workwear, teamwear, and activewear.

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Real Customer Reviews

Chuck G. posted on 7/17/2013

"If Bob's is going to send a $10.00 discount coupon to my house then I should be able to buy products at the store and get $10 off. NOPE not at Bobs. You can't buy brand names or specials or anything else because it doesn't qualify. They are way over priced in many products and the staff is not helpful."

Raymond I. posted on 10/3/2013

"I used to buy some men's clothes at the Bob's in Salem years ago but in recent years the men's clothing selection has gone way down. There is nothing here that you cannot find in greater selection and better price at Kohl's. This store's days are surely numbered."

Julie H. posted on 2/6/2014

"Lately I haven't had much luck here. The store is pretty bare and it makes me wonder if they are going out of business or something!
They have a good selection of work, play, and sports gear clothing as well as some sweet shoes for guys and gals. I usually find more stuff for my husband than I do for myself, but thats ok...

I like the rewards card, I get $10 gift certificates in the mail but often have a hard time spending them lately cause the store is is bare! Their summer selections definitely spank their winter collections- That's when I prefer to shop here."

Jimmy M. posted on 6/22/2014

"If you need to buy sportswear or casual clothing, this is probably the best place in the area in terms of variety and quality. The prices are generally on the expensive side, so you'll pay more than you have to unless you go to the clearance rack, they have a good sale, or you're on the mailing list and get a good coupon.

On my last visit, the three teenage employees working the shoes/men's clothing stood around gossiping with each other the entire time. I didn't need any help, but it was obvious to me that the store has poor management and/or supervision."

Ilya P. posted on 12/4/2014

"Athletic attire for bargain prices, business casual clothing, and hiking boots can be purchased here for bargain prices. Got winter boots here for under 50$, these boots keep me warm throughout cold NH winters.

Bob's frequently sends coupons, which makes shopping here a true bargain."

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