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Boden Reviews

Boden is a British clothing retailer selling womenswear, menswear and childrenswear online and by mail order founded by Johnnie Boden in 1991, Johnnie Boden is now worth £300 million.

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Real Customer Reviews

Jennifer C. posted on 12/5/2013

"Terrible customer service. Clothes made in China yet they lean on the "we have to ship items from the UK" schtick since their shipping is so terrible. Quality of fabrics and sizing has deteriorated over the last few years. Will not be shopping here any more."

Emma M. posted on 10/21/2014

"Boden needs to start using better fabrics and not have their clothes made in countries that are shady in regards to workers rights. The carbon footprint of their stock is ridiculous"

Lynette W. posted on 5/28/2015

"Gotta agree with the other posters. Lovely fashions, nice fabrics, horrible customer service. Their return and exchange policies (and the very snarky FAQ's page) are nothing short of a sham. Is this what the British are calling customer service, now?"

Shasta F. posted on 6/6/2015

"I agree incredibly poor customer service - I tried to purchase over $150 of merchandise and use a Rue la la coupon for $50 off that I paid $35 for - instead I got an email from Susan Joyce- from their financial dept telling me the coupon expired the day before and they would not honor it - so instead of giving me $15 credit since I paid $35 for the coupon I cancelled the entire order and will never order from them again - too many great on-line retailers and Boden was too short sighted to honor a coupon! and they keep sending catalogs that are expensive and they just go directly in the trash! See ya - don't need ya"

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