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Since 1999, Bookbyte has provided college students with an inexpensive way to buy used textbooks. They later expanded to also offer options for renting college textbooks and selling books for cash (not store credit, like other sites). Bookbyte is currently the only college book retailer on the web to offer a 10% cash rebate on the return of all textbook rentals.

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Kellinghusen. posted on 9/9/2013

"Although I can't complain much about my own experience I would hesitate to give BookByte five stars, as I see that as an exceptionally good rating.

The book I ordered was listed to be in "Good Used" condition, yet the cover is smudged and beat up and has tape and stickers on it. However, the inside, the part that matters, is just fine.

As a buyer I would not disregard all the 1-Star ratings this company has received. I personally felt that the deal was good enough to take the risk of things not working out, and luckily they did. So if there's a $5 difference between a book here and a book on Amazon I would definitely go with the Amazon book. "

Anna C. posted on 7/20/2014

"Bought a book online that was in seemingly good condition (pages looked almost brand new), but pages have been ripped out in one chapter, maybe more. Can't fully use the book and it's too late for me to buy another. I absolutely refuse to pay for return shipping (their policy) considering the fact they they sold me damaged goods and caused me some inconvenience. They should cover shipping both ways! Waiting to hear back from them. It has been a few days so it seems unlikely that will respond. Won't be purchasing from this business again. Would recommend the same to other buyers. Buying/selling damaged books is a sign of carelessness on their part.

UPDATE: They gave me a refund without me having to return the book."

christinavolke. posted on 7/23/2014

"I sold several textbooks to BookByte and was very pleased by their service.I received exactly the quoted amount along with fast payment. Not to mention BookByte pays more for textbooks than competitors. As long as you follow the directions for sending your books to them and books are in decent condition you will receive full payment."

mril. posted on 12/18/2014

"I was very pleased with BookByte, I placed my order on 12/9 and received the funds into my PayPal account on 12/18. I was also paid the exact amount i was quoted. I would definitely reccomend them. The only thing that was weird to me was the lack of contact information on their website."

karissa. posted on 12/19/2014

"I sent a number of books into this company and they said they didn't receive two of the books I sent them. Of course I had made a list and checked off the number of books and names sent and double checked it. They still claimed that they didn't receive these two which turned it into my word against theirs. However, I had my receipt from the post office and asked them to send me the weight of the box they received. They claimed they couldn't do this until I sent them a copy of the receipt, which I have not done because it would be very easy for them to change their records but almost impossible for me to change the receipt from the post office. It may seem like you're getting a few extra dollars from this company but it isn't worth the $50 it is now costing me. I highly recommend to stay far away from this company! "

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