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Boost Mobile Review – Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans?

Boost Mobile Review

Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone provider with cheap plans and a huge variety of phones. It used to offer Shrinking Payments, which – given enough on-time monthly payments – reduced your bill to some of the best rates among any cell phone provider. As a No-contract wireless company which specializes in offering services on dependable nationwide network, consumers review the company positively for the quality and variety of products, shopping guides and sale offers, as well as no activation and no long-distance fees.

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Real Customer Reviews

Chattahippie. posted on 1/11/2012

"BOOST is amazing, especially if you have ever gotten one of those nasty surprise phone bills of several hundred dollars. Most online reviews I've seen for BOOST unlimited are outdated, complaining of issues now resolved.(i.e. the unlimited plan not including call waiting or texting, or slow transmitting of texts). However, the unlimited plan now includes texting and has call waiting- and I've never had trouble with my texting. Also, if you ever make any international calls, Boost is DEFINITELY for you their international rates are simply unbeatable. The phone selection is somewhat poor, so I recommend getting online and attempting to purchase your first BOOST phone that way so that you can choose from all of the phones they do provide. However, their phones are rather simple- quite handy for those less technically inclined... and they are also quite durable. Customer Service may take better than 15min to answer right now, but I'd say that's due to the high influx of new customers what with the unlimited plan and all-- and that this growing pain will ease away with time. It hasn't bothered me anyhow, being as how my plan is unlimited I have found little reason to call customer support."

Kaytay. posted on 4/23/2014

"Boost Mobile is a pretty decent cell phone provider. I was using their phone service for a few years, and I really cannot complain at all! The customer service was overall great, the plans were very affordable for anyone's price range or budget, and i got service virtually anywhere I went when I was using this cell phone provider! Nevertheless, I will give this cell phone company an honest rating of a seven out of ten."

Johnny. posted on 8/27/2014

"I cancelled their service over the weekend but on Monday morning they auto debited my account to renew. They will not give me my money back. They even charged me again for their insurance after turning down an insurance claim and refusing to repair the phone on warranty even thou it was less than a year old. So they stuck me for another $60 and refused to refund another excess $ 30 balance on the account. You would think a company owned by Sprint would be more friendly to do business with. Oh by the way, the reason they refused to repair/replace the phone is because some months ago I put a 1/32 inch scratch on the case. They claim that is evidence I had somehow dropped it. Actually it was my wife putting it in her purse with her keys that did it. I have absolute disdain for how this corporation conducts its business."

VIPbernadette. posted on 9/16/2014

"I purchased a Boost mobile service last year and the connection of the same started within a week after making the purchase. Boost has several plans such as international calling plans which makes it possible to send unlimited international texts and has no connection fee. I had activated this plan six months back and am satisfied with the amount I need to pay monthly. The plans have different rates and it depends on the number of minutes used and the country as well. I have downloaded the Boost app which makes it possible to pay mobile and other bills, deposit money and many more features.

I have also activated the data plan which costs $35 per month and the speed is also quite good. The customer service is quite poor as it takes a long time to get connected via the phone and I receive reply to my emails after 15-20 days which is a long wait for me. The network of Boost is good but sometimes I do not get a good reception when I am at home."

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