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Brownells is said to be the largest retailer of gunsmithing tools, gun parts and other gun accessories in the world. It has a collection of over 32,000 gun parts, equipment, and tools that are shipped around the world. Brownells is ranked among the top most exceptional firearm providers these days, where you can also find parts from gun manufacturers, such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Browning and many others.

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"I'm not sure if people are getting paid to write reviews or if they're communicating about the correct company. Brownells is an absolute institution in the firearms industry and a mainstay of professional gunsmiths across America. I've order repeatedly, had nothing but incredibly fast shipping and their 100% satisfaction guarantee is stood behind. I've returned used/abused items and the $$$ simply was credited to my account. Unlike Midway, they offer a MILITARY/LEO DISCOUNT which is terrific and also offer a new shipping discount. I have and will continue to use Brownells as my source of tools, supplies, and ammunition. They are cheaper than Midway, have more inventory and ship faster with great customer service."

- Derek R. 4/12/15

"They charged my card twice and sent 2 of my order. Also $10 to ship a trigger is ridiculous especially when it takes a week. They use mail innovations and it did not arrive on time. Next time I'll just order from the manufacturer."

- Lj 4/9/15

"Had the worst experience with Brownell exchange policy ever! After having a problem with one of THEIR components in a kit they had me return the entire kit for an exchange of the one Brownell piece that failed, after 14 day for processing, without contacting me they decided to cancel my order/exchange. Their excuse was they will no longer carry this kit. I was informed of this when I called to check on the exchange, the customer service people were very polite in telling me thats all they can do and they said they credited my credit card back the original cost. I contacted the credit card company and as par for course there was no credit. Had to call back to get them to credit the money back. Brownell has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. don't believe it! In order to replace the kit buying the part separately it would cost about twice as much, and all parts are listed in their catalog."

- Paul T. 3/7/15

"I ordered an upper receiver, BCG, and charging handle, and it arrived just fine. I then place another identical order, and I realized about a week later when I checked my account on their site that they cancelled the order without notifying me. I sent an email to ask why they cancelled it. They responded, they cancelled my order, when I asked why they cancelled It. So, they said it was cancelled because it was cancelled.

I now have an item that was backordered a month ago, that has been showing instock on their site for a month. I am still waiting on a response from an email I sent them last week.

Pretty rough..."

- Newgene 11/24/14

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