Build-A-Bear Reviews – Isn’t It Where Best Friends Are Made?

Build-A-Bear Reviews

It’s a gasp of surprise, or a squeal of delight. Maybe a breathless thank you thank you thank you, or quiet, wide-eyed amazement. When you step into Build-A-Bear world of wonder, fun fills the air, and the noise of everyday life fades away.

Ignore the schedule. Decline the call. Build-A-Bear Workshop is where your child grabs your hand and your heart and together you’re inspired to create. Here, everyone is empowered to imagine, and every bear begins a story. Bring your loved ones, and see how building a furry friend is building so much more.

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Real Customer Reviews

viva999. posted on 12/16/2009

"Build a bear is sooooooooooooo cute I love it their they help you find what you need you give it a shower you go through this little system whith its stuffed heart you drees it up just utterluy cute :-) to bild a bear!"

Rob P. posted on 7/10/2012

"I got a Teddy Bear from here about a year ago. It's a neat place to go for both kids and adults. The staff is always friendly. It's busy at times, but, everyone is having fun and happy!! If you need a little friend this is a great place to Build a New Friend!!"

Aimee B. posted on 3/16/2014

"What a fun place - who doesn't love a personalized plush?

I appreciated their price range in animals (from $12 for a basic bear to $26 for trendy My Little Pony). And the amount of outfits and accessories they have are insane! Literally any/everything you can think of... From tighty white undies to a Jedi knight outfit to super heroes to a greaser to surgeon.

The stuff is SO cute! Hard not to get suckered in: be prepared to either set big boundaries for your kid/self, or to spend big. The cuteness adds up quick!

Great staff, super patient and helpful with the kids. The whole process went really smoothly and the 3, 4 and 6 year-olds we were toting all enjoyed it!"

Michelle C. posted on 5/3/2014

"My first time here was about a month ago. I'm 20 years old, and while it may seem weird to some that I decided to come and "build-a-bear" at this point in my life, i thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I'm a big fan of my little pony, and when i saw the plushies they had for mlp, I knew I had to go in and make one. I got fluttershy for $26 and her gala cape/outfit for $13/$14. The guy who stuffed my fluttershy was friendly and nice, and while my bf and I got some odd stares for being the only older people in the store who didn't have kids or were employed there, it was still fun. The products here were all very high quality, and i'm looking forward to having fluttershy with me for years to come!"

Stephani M. posted on 1/5/2015

"What a cool store.

A friend of mine told me about Build-A-Bear Workshop a long time ago, and as I was shopping I saw the store, "Let's go in and look," I told my shopping companion, Ilana. Her son was with us too, so it was not hard to convince her to enter the store and look around.

We walked into the store front and saw what looked like a million small people running around, playing and having fun. The workers all looked like they were having fun as well. Wow--so much to do in this store--I had no idea.

As I began looking around I noticed that it was not just "bears" but all kinds of popular children's characters. We quickly scouted out a big Hello Kitty and a My LIttle Pony. This is crazy, I can get my niece, Amane, her favorite toys!

They have these huge bins in front of each stuffed toy, but the toys are just "shells" without any stuffing inside. The kids get to pick out their favorite toy, stuff them and buy them clothing and accessories. I might have had more fun than my GF's son...funny.

When all was said and done, I really did not spend too much money, especially considering the experience. As soon as my little niece comes to visit I am bringing her here for a fun outing, and until then I will keep shopping at cool places for her ;) She will love it!

Stephani Smiles for Build-A-Bear Workshop ;)"

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