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Build Reviews is a home improvement retailer committed to providing the best selection, unmatched customer service and the easiest online shopping experience based in Chico, California. The company began selling faucets online in 2000, and now sells many other home improvement products with a focus on plumbing, lighting, hardware and appliances.


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Paul P. posted on 7/15/2013

"bought lights for a kitchen remodel. received them in 4 days. When the builder claimed their were problems with 3 of the 5 lights, I had replacements 48 hours later (turned out only one light was bad). No questions asked. Excellent customer service and prices were very competitive."

Bernetta C. posted on 7/29/2014

"Since the company won't publish this review on their website because it doesn't meet their "website guidelines" I will post it here.

Ordered light fixture for master bath:

The light fixture itself was beautiful. First shipment arrived damaged. Unit bent on one end. They claimed it was the shipping company. Second unit arrived bent on both ends. I didn't even bother to call again. I had a friend bang out the bended end that wasn't to bad, but you can tell that the one end was damaged when looking at it mounted. I just got tired of dealing with your company. You could tell by the taping of the boxes that the units were not in new condition. Shame on you. I will not be ordering from our company again. The product itself would have been beautiful if it arrived in new condition."

Winonah B. posted on 11/20/2014

"Frankly - I am baffled by so many sub-par reviews. We are a builder in Central Texas, and I do quite a bit of business with I usually speak with the same customer service rep, and she has been nothing but helpful and professional. The items always get here when I need them to, and I've never had an issue with returning items I purchased too many of (even a month or more after the fact). The quality of their product is identical (sometimes better) than anything we would get from local suppliers such as Lowes or Home Depot. It does pay to shop around a bit - sometimes is cheaper, but sometimes local shops are - just depends on what you are looking for. I will definitely keep using them."

kiwidog. posted on 12/29/2014

"I have been purchasing products from for several years. I am SO HAPPY with the service that I have recommended the site to every friend and family member I have. The majority of them have ordered from and have had the same terrific experience that I have had. I primarily order on line, but on several occasions I have made a mistake in my order or a minor thing has been wrong and i have to call. The customer service people have been helpful and friendly. is the best."

ping410. posted on 12/30/2014

"We recently renovated my daughters kitchen. The finishing touch we needed turned out out to be drawer pulls for our new cabinets. We looked high and low and found exactly what we needed at and for the best price. Ordering was effortless and the pulls arrived in just a few days. Overall, it was a great experience and the pulls are perfect! We will be back to for sure, thanks!"

twinfree. posted on 1/9/2015

"We needed three hard to find mirrors for two bathrooms in our new home. had two at one site and the third at another site. They were perfect. Even our contractor admitted that they were very unique and fit the bathrooms perfects. The were very easy to assemble and place on the walls. Moreover, when two arrived with imperfections, Build,com quickly sent replacements, which arrives in three days. Amazing."

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