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Cabela’s is a direct marketer and specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, and related outdoor recreation merchandise, based in Sidney, Nebraska. The company was founded by Richard N. Cabela in 1961 and went public in 2004, with that fiscal year’s revenue reaching $1.56 billion, a 50% growth since 2001.

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Felt-Cheated A. posted on 7/1/2010

"Very professional, prices are comparable to most web stores and ships fast. Cancellation is hassle-free. It was a mistake buying from MidwestHuntersOutlet to save $20 but now will end up losing $30 on 15% restocking fee for canceling an item that haven't even shipped yet and not having the item I expected for this July 4th weekend."

Robert D. posted on 1/18/2011

"There are a handful of sites I find myself checking often. is one of them. The selection of hunting related items is always sure to please and from time to time I run across must haves. The site itself is easy to navigate and online ordering hassle-free. Order delivery timely and accurate. Customer Service - quick and knowledgeable. All and all, near top of the list when it comes to quality gear and a reputation of service surpassed by none. Some of the high end items to be found on would be difficult to procure elsewhere, but they make it easy. Excellent range of items for sale for the black powder enthusiast as well.
In my book, that's a plus. Quality products, beautifully presented."

Douglas R. posted on 2/8/2014

"I have ordered from Cabela's for over 10 years. Great selection of items and they have super inventor. Spent thousands on guns, ammo and camping gear. 50% online, & 50% in store. Sometimes they have things you can't find anywhere else, and always good quality."

Makava P. posted on 3/26/2014

"Good company with great products, safe to deal with and honor there word always, warranties are superb."

Rumorux. posted on 10/21/2014

"It's my first time when i made an order from Cabela's , and definitely won't be the last. I got my fishing reel and braid faster than i expected , not even 2 weeks and it was in Romania with International Surface shipping.Package was perfect , and the products inside looks exacly how was in description , in perfect conditions. I am very satisfied with Cabela's and Customer Services from there . Best price together with shipping for any product !"

Doug20. posted on 10/31/2014

"I ordered an item online and it needed to be returned, no big deal....just wasn't what I expected. BUT their return policy says you will get back the amount you paid, including the tax but not the shipping-fine. Well they only refunded me the cost of the item (actually less than that) and no tax included. I called customer service a couple times and the ppl were okay but no apology given or anything....they just kept repeating how they came to the amount I received back. They never actually addressed it when I quoted their return policy stating you get back the amount you paid, including the tax. Ugh, very frustrating, Maybe I'm wrong but I find their policy quite misleading. The item I ordered was $39.99 before tax, shipping etc. and I got back less than that! Doesn't seem right to me. Not likely to order from them again."

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