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Caché Reviews

Caché is more fashion club than retail operation. It was a place where shoppers were treated like girlfriends, fashion was fun and women were fabulous. They shared stories, swapped style tips and left looking and feeling beautiful. Just like today, at Caché stores everywhere.

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Sofia H. posted on 12/21/2010

"Who ever is designing or buying this season is doing a great job. I've found some darling dresses here and have always been super pleased with the help I've received. The sales they've been running have been pretty amazing too....40% off the whole store and not just one your whole purchase. Knock off another 5% if you are in their database as a regular client. Yeah that gets nice dresses down to $100 bucks a pop. Can't beat that.

They also will order from other stores if they are out of your size and ship them for free. It does seem like they use Pony Express so we'll see if I get my NYE dress in time... tick tock tick tock. It won't be the end of the world if it doesn't arrive but it sure would be nice. :-)"

Jennie L. posted on 10/5/2013

"I was looking for a formal dress for a black tie wedding. After looking at many department stores I found myself still without a dress. I decided to check out Cache and was so glad I did. Nina showed me a wonderful black gown that they just got in. I tried it on and it fit like a glove! (It was the black illusion flared hem) The dress was so flattering and didn't wrinkle at all in my suitcase. I was so happy with my purchase, I would definitely go back for a dress again."

Nicole S. posted on 5/7/2014

"Excellent service from an associate named Nikki, who started a fitting room for me and was willing to help. The clothes here are beautiful and they have an excellent selection. Some of it may be pricey, but if you look close they have some great sales. Bought an $88 shirt at this location for $27."

ist-olga. posted on 11/12/2014

"Yesterday I got an email with an offer - 50$ off the dresses. It was valid till midnight and I had time to order at 10pm. At this code was also displayed at the top. When I tried to order a dress it was saying this code is invalid. I think they have some problems with timezones. When I call them today they said they can't do anything about that. Very very disappointing."

mybeautyange. posted on 1/10/2015

"I purchased several dresses, jeans, sweaters, and purse during the holidays other words I spent quite a bit of money on-line and my local store in Texas. Two items were a final sale ordered on-line and and I had zero idea that if they did not fit once I received them there was absolutely no exchange or refund granted to the customer. After I contacted corporate to consider my situation for a refund or an exchange they failed miserably to do anything except offer me a very insulting 10% on any future purchases. I will do my best to refrain from future purchases from this store..this is not good customer service at all. One would think that if you spent nearly a thousand or more dollars the very least they could have offered me as loyal customer an exchange since the items were never worn and still had their tags on and I went to the store immediately for a refund or exchange. So I am out $105.00 plus dollars now....not good Cache!"

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