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Camera Lens Rentals Reviews: The Right Place to Rent Professional Cameras or Camera Lenses

Camera Lens Rentals Reviews

Camera Lens Rentals offers a wide range of Canon, Nikon, and PENTAX series lenses and bodies to rent for your film or digital needs. They rent some of the finest lenses and bodies that each has to offer. Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or someone just looking to try a new lens or body, you have come to the right place. Camera Lens Rentals offers all types of lenses and bodies for all your rental needs.

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Real Customer Reviews

Natasha G. posted on 10/4/2010

"I am an amateur photographer, and when I was asked to shoot a wedding for a friend, I realized I needed a higher grade camera than I what I had.
After doing some research online, I found that Camera Lens Rentals had received some very good reviews, so I gave them a try.
I rented a Canon 50D, wide angle lens, and flash for 4 days. The camera was delivered right on time, giving me almost 2 full days to 'learn' it before the wedding and it worked beautifully.
They provided fantastic packing to send the equipment back, along with a pre-printed label. All I had to do, was have UPS pick it up.
Their customer service was fantastic, even through my manic rantings! As a provider of customer service myself, I can say that they were wonderful with me; I don't think I would have been quite as patient and friendly as they were. :)
Thank you Camera Lens Rentals for making my first photography 'job' so much easier!

They ship all over the country, and have an ample variety of camera's and lens's."

darciw. posted on 10/17/2012

"Wonderful customer service! Their communication is top notch. They called me and emailed me about my lens rental. I appreciate that and wish every business was as friendly as they were and communicated like that. Looking forward to renting again from them in the future."

adnetal. posted on 12/5/2012

"This is my second rental from CLR and I must say that their lenses are in immaculate condition, shipping is spot on and their customer service is top-notch. I have no intentions of going anywhere else when vacationing and that "special lens" is needed that I'm not ready to put a couple of grand out for. You guys are tops in my book! Thank you for your excellent service.
Alan - Fort Lauderdale FL"

Ben M. posted on 4/1/2014

"These guys rock! As a professional part-time photographer/videographer I've used Camera Lens Rentals twice. I admit to price-shopping (I am running a business after all) and even keeping an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the prices of different rental houses for different lenses and durations. But my most recent exchange with CLR has me hooked. They win with customer service. About three minutes after placing my order I received a phone call. The woman on the phone reminded me that last time I had my gear shipped to a different address and wanted to verify where to send it. As it turns out it would make more sense for me to ship to the office than to my home. So, I switched my shipping address and thanks to CLR I will be receiving my lens four hours sooner. I expect everything will once again be in good conditioned and well-protected during shipping. Do yourself a favor and create an account with them. You'll occasionally get discount codes in your email! I just used one for 25% off which is a huge help."

Adamc C. posted on 10/26/2014

"Camera Lens Rentals is an awesome establishment. Super super helpful, friendly and affordable. I've rented a Phantom 2 drone from them twice and would recommend them to anyone. There was a problem with the drone, they fixed it immediately and I was able to get back out and finish my gigs within no-time."

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