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Established in the early 1990s in Brooklyn, Carols Daughter is a leading retailer of beauty products during the past 100 years,where you can find all kinds of personal care specialty products, including hair, skin, bathing and hands, as well as fragrances which are made from natural ingredient. In addition to these products, the founder is devoted to  creating and mixing all-natural homemade fragrances and bath products.  Whether you’re looking for body scrubs, hair oils, cleansing gels, body butters, luxurious gift sets or more, these guys have it all and in scrumptious, mouth watering scents like Roses and Honey, Almond Cookie and Rosemary Mint to name a few – all guaranteed to make you smile. They are also dedicated to bringing you low prices on a wide variety of products. Customers really appreciate their most popular products as well as seasonal sales and special offers.
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"My hair a few months ago was brittle, falling out drastically after a hysterectomy and spinal surgery at age 48. My hair was falling out in large amounts. I was watching HSN one night and Carol's daughter was on, I ordered it and it was the most amazing order ever. My hair is now thick, shiny, soft as silk, and healthy. It's past my shoulders and health as can be. After washing it and using the Mask I can't stop running my fingers threw it. I loose very little hair now and I can't live without this product. It has changed my fear of going bald, and I have thick beautiful hair again. Thanks Carol's daughter for this amazing product, please don't ever stop making it. I highly recommend this product."


"I recently underwent several color treatments for my hair to be an ombre blonde. After all the time and money I spent my hair was blonde. I was having second thoughts because my hair became very dry and damaged looking. I came across this on HSN and had to try. My hair has never looked SO healthy and shinny. I would recommend these products to everyone !! I cannot be happier and the smell is amazing ! Thank you!"


"WONDERFUL!!!!! ;-D.

"I think I'm in Love! This product really works! My first time using it I noticed less of my hair coming out! My hair felt soft. So with being said really cool product!"


"When I first received my products I was very excited and I couldn't wait to use it. I used the shampoo, conditioner and the mask. I also used the leave in conditioner which I was very dissatisfied with. The leave-in conditioner made my hair dry and frizzy. The first time alot of my hair came out and I was very upset because on the bottle it say 96% less breakage for the first time use. A week ago I used the same products again except the leave in conditioner and I was more satisified this time. I love the way it make my hair feel soft, look shiny and smell so goooood. I just used a dolly amount of both shampoo and conditioner and both work so well. I have less breakage and right I am very satisified. I will soon be buying some for my granddaughter to start usi
ng. Thank You."


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