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Cardpool is an online wbsite where people can buy or sell their gift cards. It is easy to buy and sell pre-owned gift cards. Customers can buy gift cards for up to 35% off or sell unwanted gift cards for cash. By connecting all the gift card holders around the world into one trusted gift card exchange marketplace, it is able to help everyone get exactly what they want, whether its a discounted gift card, a different gift card, or simply cash.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Quick and easy to do business! Delivery of card - earlier than expected. I will use this service again and recommend it to my friends. Thanks for a pleasant experience!"

- Karin 6/28/15

"I love cardpool and the only reason I'm here is because when I googled cardpool "complaints" was one of the top results. That really surprises me. I've been using cardpool for 3 or 4 years now and have never had a problem unresolved. One time I bought a Christopher and Banks card and the number didn't work on the C&B website. I emailed cardpool and my purchase was immediately refunded with no problem. I typically buy Home Depot printable cards and receive the card number at virtually the same time as the order confirmation. This last Sunday though I bought $150 of printable PF Chang's cards thinking I would use them the same day. Unfortunately, I didn't. I don't know if they don't work on Sundays or what. I emailed them on Monday morning explaining I no longer needed them. The canceled the order with no problem.
My one complaint is that physical cards are now being sent via registered mail which is a pain because I'm never home when the mail is delivered so I have to go to the post office. I now stick with printables and electronic only.
I have never sold gift cards through Cardpool so do not have any experience with that aspect of their business but buying has been great. A wonderful way to save money on home projects!"

- Coupon L. 6/25/15

"Do not do business with Cardpool. It is a one sided operation all in their favor. I have been a very good customer for a few years and when there are problems on their side the customer eats it. I needed a small favor from them and all I could get was an email stating sorry we cannot help you."

"I have purchased 5 E-Walmart gift cards-each over $100–in 3 separate orders. I received the cards timely, and did have to complete one verification phone call. I have also sold 3 movie gift cards and received my check in the mail timely. No complaints here…very shocked about all the negative comments I’m seeing."

- Courtney 3/30/15

"Not sure what these other people are complaining about but my experience with cardpool has been great. I purchase Wal-Mart and Starbucks card all the time through this website and company without a problem. Service is prompt and really is a bargain considering how much I save paying less than face value of a gift card."

- William R. 2/20/15

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