Reviews – Why Choose Reviews is a public corporation headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston), that helps families find child care, senior care, special needs care, tutoring, pet care, housekeeping, etc. They have provide an easy to use solution to access, search, screen, and find nannies, babysitters, tutors, caregivers, and pet sitters as well as adult and senior care, tutoring, and home care, tutoring, or housekeeping and much more.


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Tiffany L. posted on 7/18/2014

"I found a nanny for my two children through It was a very pleasant experience finding a sitter. I hired an experienced 20 something year old who seemed great at first and then suddenly began demanding cash rather than checks. I never signed a contract with this sitter to specify cash only. She was paid weekly since March and said she claims she believes open communication is important with all of the families she helps. But then I couldn't pay her cash one night and the next thing I know is that she is dropping Mondays shift to sit for someone else and questions if she needs to return the remainder of the week!!! Open communication? No not at all. I would recommend hiring a nanny and setting a payment contract at the start of the assignment so open communication is truly open."

Marc A. posted on 3/11/2015

"We have used on several occasions and have hired several people from the site. This last time we used it we signed up for a one month membership. Not a three months or year membership, but one month. Because I only wanted a single month of service. I ended up paying for much much more. Why even offer differing terms of service if you are going to continue to bill until customers explicitly cancel? I am surprised a class action has not been filed for this. I like the service, but that auto renewal is fraudulent. Other online services have much more ethical and user friendly renewal policies."

Nadezda P. posted on 3/27/2015

"Our company tried to use to find good employees for our cleaning company, but we were very disappointed with our membership because we weren't be able to contact with candidates. They didn't reply to us back, and we couldn't find anybody for our company. We tried to cancel our membership in one month, but a manager refused to do so because we signed up for 3 months membership, and have to do 2 more payments because they don't have option to cancel it. It is unacceptable!"

Nancy P. posted on 4/28/2015

"With so many negative comments, I thought I would offer my very positive experience! I've had a profile on for about 3 1/2 years now. Being cautious about sharing too much info, and staying educated and aware of scams, I've had very good results...a steady stream of excellent connections and jobs. My schedule stays as busy as I want and I've received excellent reviews (without ever asking) from the families I've worked with, many of whom I am glad to now call friends.

Susan T. posted on 5/11/2015

"I signed up with Care.Com nearly 2 months ago as a part time sitter. I am currently working for 3 families.
For the first month, had tons of views but no one responded to my applications. I then decided to purchase the background check, and motor vehicle check. Very cheap.
I also made a video of myself introducing me and why they should hire me. After that I have been inendated with offers from providers. I have had to turn down quite a few as my 3 families utulize me 4 days/nights a week. I was even asked if I could do overnights by one.
This site is easy to use and Beneficial to both the provider and job seeker."

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  1. Fraud,scams,unauthorized auto renew billing, incorrect,incomplete background checks on caregivers. Horrible, unethical and illegal business tactics. Not any safer or reliable than Craigslist. Dont waste your time and money.

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