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carid is an online retailer of automotive parts and accessories. The company’s inventory consists of over 2 million unique SKUs from more than 700 different manufacturers. The main product categories include automotive repair parts, wheels and tires, as well as aftermarket performance parts and accessories. Vehicle coverage extends from early muscle cars, pickup trucks, and off-road Jeeps, to modern day SUVs, import tuners, and luxury sedans.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Extremely satisfied with my purchase with CARiD. Outstanding prices, quality products and fast shipping. Staff was extremely helpful with any questions and concerns I had. I would highly recommend CARiD."

- Paul Berard 8/6/15

"Ordered floor mats for my car. However, UPS lost part of the order. I called CARiD and Laura, a customer service rep, told me she would find out what was the problem. She put me on hold and checked out the tracking system. She said it was in UPS's possession and they have 48 hrs to locate it. However the lost mat could not be located via UPS. A week later, I received an email from CARiD saying another mat was being shipped. This process took about 2 or 3 weeks because it was out of stock from the manufacture but I did receive a replacement mat.

Was this great customer service - YOU BETCHA !!!!!!!!! Would I do business with CARiD again - Again, YOU BETCHA I would !!!! This problem was not their fault. It was UPS. But they stepped up to the plate and fould my missing item. To me that is great customer service and this speaks volumes about CARiD. When you have a problem, this is when you find out how good a company is. When I call CARiD again, I hope I get to talk with Laura again!!!! Thanks CARiD."

- terry_fragale 8/3/15

"My 2000 Honda Odyssey started to leak coolant out of the top of my original overflow tank recently whenever I would shut the engine off. The original cap had developed a crack, so I bought a new one from my local Honda dealer. That did not solve the problem. The leaking continued. Honda wanted around $65 for a new Tank. Ugh!

I searched online & found a great one on, which came in at about one third of the cost of the Honda one, even including shipping. It also arrived earlier than the estimated arrival date.

The new tank fit perfectly into the slot where the old one had been & I happily noticed that the cap was much heavier duty than the original one. So, after installing it easily, I emptied the coolant from the old tank directly into the radiator to top it off & then added enough antifreeze & water to bring the tank up to the bottom minimum line.

I am more than happy to report that I now have a closed loop coolant system again with no leaks or overflow problems! Hooray! It even came with a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. So, I would highly recommend trying this "REPLACE" Brand engine coolant recovery tank from"

- Roger N. 7/30/15

"Worst co ever lied about shipping cost and then tried to play games with refunding my money had to file a grievance with my bank a lot of emails later Said that I'll get my refund to my bank 3-5 days in my account so come next Friday no money I go public with the news media I'm not playing games buyer beware go to summit racing better deals lower shipping and no hassle unhappy customer from Carid."

- anonymous 7/10/15

"I order a set of rims & locking lugs with the help of a Rep. for my truck. When the rims arrived they didn't fit my truck! At the time my truck was getting a lift kit installed by Rick's Pro Truck. Rick's Pro Truck couldn't remove my truck from his hydraulic lift till the CARID rims arrived. I called CARID and reported the problem andask them to overnight the rims. I was told there wasn't enough profit in the rims to spend the money to ship them overnight. After many phone calls and tell this joke of a company how bad of a bind they had me and Rick's Pro Truck in, I got the rims 3 weeks later. They did not do anything out of their way the fix the problem. This company just wants profits and does not care about the customer even if they messed up the order. I will never do business with this company again and I hope this site helps put them out of business. By the way, they also sent the wrong locking lug nuts. CARID IS THE MOST IMCOMPETENT PEOPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. You been warned!"

- Billy H Smith 1/12/15

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