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Carnival Reviews

Carnival is “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line” with 24 ships operating 3 to 16-day voyages to The Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, New England, Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. They currently have two upcoming ships in the works: Carnival Vista, set to debut in 2016, and a second vessel scheduled to enter service in 2018.

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Real Customer Reviews

J D. posted on 10/18/2013

"We took a short cruise on the Carnival Spendlor. The ship is beautiful and comfortable. We spent most of our time on the decks laying out in the sun and enjoying the weather of Baja California.

The food is awesome....we ate way too much of course. I tried to burn off some of the calories at the gym, which was very nice and had new equipment. Our favorite amenity was the spa, which was very relaxing. We spent a lot of time in the steam room and relaxation room.

The staff was excellent. From the time we boarded to the day we left the ship, we had top notch service. This ship is on the higher end of the scale for Carnival, which is why we selected this ship for the cruise. We're not big fans of the other ships in the fleet."

Michael D. posted on 10/29/2014

"Choosing to cruise Carnival was probably the best decision my wife could have made. We have been on several other cruises and enjoyed them, but we recently booked directly through carnival and it was the smoothest, easiest experience we've had planning a vacation. We booked last minute due to a change of plans and made out like bandits. Cheap prices, AMAZING room, and lots of excursions. I will book through Carnival again, 100%."

Maurisa L. posted on 12/18/2014

"Carnival and making booking a cruise super easy. The website is easy to navigate and discover options. You can even find discounts you didn't know about. Customer service is excellent! Carnival has always gone above and beyond to ensure our cruise was fun and memorable. We have cruised 7 times on Carnival and cannot wait to go again!! Onboard, Carnival is a wonderland to be explored. Service is amazing and friendly! Carnival offers the cruiser the opportunity to have an action packed cruise or a relaxing do nothing cruise. Great for families!!"

Brooklyn R. posted on 2/20/2015

"After 11 cruises i am ready for another one. Too cold to be in the states!!!!!!!"

C Hayley H. posted on 3/6/2015

"First, let me say that the customer service is OUTSTANDING. Our room attendant and waitstaff knew everyone by first name. Whenever I would walk down the hall, they would greet me with a nice smile.

I was on Carnival Ecstasy.

Very inefficient safety drill. We gathered in our muster stations, waited 30 minutes and were then instructed on how to put a life jacket on. They then lead us up to the deck to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. After waiting about another 10 minutes without any further instruction, we were dismissed. I didn't feel like I knew what to do in case of emergency at all, and even though I watched the safety video in my room, I didn't feel assured my fellow passengers had a clue.

Only one pool on the whole entire vessel. There are approximately 2,000 passengers and 900 crew members. One pool. There are also 2 hot tubs and then an extra level for 21+ with 2 other hot tubs. One pool. The pool was always over crowded, and there was no room on the deck to sit.

Overall, it was a decent experience."

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