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Kelly F. posted on 8/5/2013

"Good place to compare basic info/prices on different model cars... unfortunately some of the listings don't say very much and just take you to a dealer's site... overall though its worth checking out for casual comparison."

Dae Y. posted on 12/19/2013

"they have a great offer of a guarantee when you buy their car selling ad service: you can keep renewing your ad until your car sells. and if it doesn't sell, then you can get a refund on the ad.

sounds great until you try to use the guarantee and then it turns out there is a 60 day limit on the guarantee. so i basically got caught in a fine print clause.
all that interaction where i tried to use the guarantee happened over email. i was very, very dissatisfied. i think i was maybe around 90 days out from my ad purchase and they would not honor their guarantee.

so my resentment grew and grew. every time i had to renew the ad, or every time someone contacted me about the car, i would get even more resentful. it is not their issue that so many of the prospective buyers turned out to be flakers.

but kinda like steve bartman was the unfair target of all the anger of the chicago cubs fanatics, i could not help but blame the business policy of

so eventually, i got so fed up i called their customer service line, i explained my story of getting caught by that fine print, and the gentleman who took my call said it wouldn't be a problem to refund the ad fee. i was amazed. as it turned out, they changed their business model, and they have a free ad tier that i could use.

so no matter how terrible it was for a while, my engagement with them ended well."

Heric L. posted on 2/7/2014

"Excellent site for to buy and sell cars. Thanks"

Bob C. posted on 11/18/2014

"The site is GOOD and I mean GOOD! I have now purchased my second car through, they make it easy to search by price and mileage and everything else.

I have used and find to be much better.

The key is to learn their search features and begin your quest for your new ride!

I have recommended them to many and I will continue to use for my next vehicle. It sure beats trying to haggle with the local car guys, and there are so many to select from on this site. Finding a low mileage car for the right price is easy on here.

I recommend the site highly."

Matthew C. posted on 3/11/2015

"This book contains very basic material on the operation of the car; it appears to be a decent read for teenagers looking to grasp the basic; but the more mature readers will find this very shallow. The text contains the fundaments of auto mechanics; it is split into seven chapters; and each chapter describes a major automotive system."

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