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CarsDirect Reviews

CarsDirect is an American online automotive research portal and car buying service based in El Segundo, California that allows consumers to research, price, purchase, insure and finance a vehicle online.

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Real Customer Reviews

buildwealth. posted on 8/29/2013

"I am pretty pleased with my new car purchase. Would recommend it to buyers who want to save time dealing with dealerships."

Mary N. posted on 5/3/2014

"My spouse and I both bought cars through CarsDirect: a Toyota and a BMW. We knew what we wanted--including models, features, colors--and we contacted CarsDirect to find them for us. They found the Toyota right away; the BMW took a few extra days. The prices were better than what we could have negotiated for ourselves, plus we didn't have to deal with any sleaze at a dealership. We didn't need financing, so I cannot speak to that. They did the licensing, etc. They delivered the cars to our home. In the case of the BMW, the price difference was over $2,600 cheaper than the dealer was offering. I would buy a car using this company again in a heartbeat. We had a fantastic experience with them."

Vicky B. posted on 6/17/2014

"After using Cars Direct, this is the only way I will purchase a car again and will highly recommend this service to anyone I know looking for a car. My car search began about 3 months ago after I decided I wanted a Mini Cooper. I originally looked at used models at the dealerships and my Dad told me to check out Cars Direct and that's where I was connected with Joe Dufour.

Joe has been so helpful and extremely patient while I decided what model I wanted, color and features. There were a few things that were very important to me and everyone else I had been in contact with wasn't listening and finding the right vehicle for me with the 4 main features I wanted, there was always something missing. Joe found the exact car I wanted, was always available via email and phone, even helped me with the loan I had found on my own and actually ended up getting a better rate for me through their services.

The car was delivered by the Mini/BMW in South Bay on the date and time promised in excellent condition, the signing process was fast and George from the dealership spent a few hours showing me all the features of the car and basically taught me how to drive it. The loan docs were over nighted to my house with a prepaid envelope to send them back, the whole process was great!

I'm a really busy person who didn't have time to spend hours at a dealership, Cars Direct made it possible for me to get the exact car I wanted on my time and schedule."

Lucie T. posted on 10/12/2014

"Who would have guessed you could purchase a car in such an easy manner. This is the only way I will purchase a new car in the future. Thank you cars direct!"

Durwood D. posted on 1/10/2015

"As you can see from other ratings - CarsDirect is probably the worst of the online car search engines. Unless you are looking for a totally generic car, cars direct is a total waste of your time and energy. Sad, because this could be a useful service with just a little basic search engine design competency."

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