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Carter’s is the leading brand of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories in America, selling more than 10 products for every child born in the U.S. The designs are based on a heritage of quality and innovation that has earned us the trust of generations of families. They foucs on every little detail to make dressing easier for mom and life more comfortable for babies. Most Carter’s stores will be found in shopping malls, but shopping can also be done online because its website is designed to cater to the needs of customers in more than a hundred countries worldwide.

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Real Customer Reviews

"You really can't beat carters for the quality of their clothing and price for your infant. I have tried other brands and they always fall short."

- Nancy N. 2/12/15

"I live in Mexico and I've made a trip of 12 hours to Texas and pick up my package.
When I arrive home I notice that the stuff inside was all wrong, I ordered $185.00 USD for size 2 boy and I receive girl winter clothes.
I am very dissapointed. I dont know what will happen since i live in Mexico and they dont ship to here.
I already sent them an email and I'm waiting for their response."

- anasofi_20 9/20/14

"This is a convenient store to buy a quick gift or pick up a few things for the baby. There is quite a bit crammed into the small space. My biggest problem is a general problem with Carter's stores, not just this one. That is, the "deals" are never that great. There is always a promotion going to entice you into shopping, but that prices are really inflated before the sale price. It is rare that I feel that I have gotten a good deal, even on clearance items. I usually going in and leave without a purchase because it just isn't worth it."

- Jenny M. 5/28/14

"Easier to just shop online once you figure out the size of your baby at the store. My child was always a size larger than what their age range was so becareful sizing your baby."

- Nancy H. 3/2/14

"Excellent staff and despite the chaos that can result from too many people and strollers jammed in there they keep it all together. plus it's close to home (and right by trader joe's) so stopping in is hardly tortture.

selection is pretty good, particularly for the girls selection, and the stock is well kep and well organized despite the vast potential for zoo-like conditions."

- Henry Y. 10/13/13

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