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Cbazaar, also known as, started operations in 1998 as an online gifting solution and later forayed into apparel. It is the largest online Indian Ethnic Wear Store. Cbazaar offers a myriad of Indian Ethnic Wear for men, women and kids and has patronage in over 130 countries. It offers timeless Indian styles, as well as chic reinvented styles, in designer, party wear and everyday fashion. Cbazaar is a pioneer in Indian Ethnic Wear.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I ordered from Cbazaar on March 8. After ordering, I decided to read some reviews online. After seeing that all the reviews were negative, I was terrified and worried. However, I received my first order by March 20 (The suits were shipped through 2 orders). The suits were perfect! And amazingly stitched! My family was so happy to see how they came out. The next order came on April 16. The dispatch date was originally April 16, but I got all of my order before it. All the suits were beautiful and flawless. My only complaint is that the sleeves are sometimes shorter than shown in the picture, and one of my suits embroidery was different than the picture. Overall though, I am so happy. I would give 6 stars if I could. I got 6 suits for only $269, even though one suit would cost 300 dollars if I had bought it from somewhere else. The suit's quality was amazing for the price too. There was also always someone I can chat with. I was worried twice about my order, so I chatted with an associate and they cleared everything up. Idk why so many people have negative experiences with Cbazaar, I had a great one :) So happy I have a closet full of gorgeous, unique suits. I recommend everyone to order from Cbazaar."

- hisimmy 4/18/15

"I ordered 3 items from them 3 months ago and they sent me an email after 2 months saying that they don't have one of the products that I ordered . It's not even that they again send me another mail saying that they don't have have second product hell why take orders if you don't have it . I asked for my money back they won't refund it. They told they already shipped the products so they cant refund the money. But guess what I got another email saying my products on hold and they waiting for me to call them so i decided to call my bank and asked for a refund from cbazaar. DONT EVER ORDER from them."

-Ima b. 3/25/15

"After reading the reviews, I was extremely skeptical in purchasing items from this website. I expressed my concerns and was immediately assured that I will be taken care of. All my questions were answered, and I received that products in a timely manner. The only negative was that it took 1 month to arrive, but that makes sense because its flying across the world.
The products looked beautiful!! I was very pleased with the quality of the products. I look forward to purchasing more! Oh and the prices are reasonable! So worth it!"

- Desi1786 1/6/15

"Shipped 8 days after expected shipping date. Received products exactly 5 weeks after placing the order. Material not too flimsy however the fitting and tailoring is disgusting! The dress looks its big enough to fit someone that's over 150 kg and I only wanted it in size 36. I ordered 3 items and all were tailored awfully. If u do shop from here please do not have it tailored from cbazaar, their tailoring is so bad you think its done by a 5 year old!

Every part of the dresses are of different sizes. I dont have time to send it back, I am lucky all 3 of my dresses were too big so I may take them to a local tailor to see if anything can be done. I have learned a very valuable lesson! What has now been so unfortunate is that after spending almost 200 pounds on 3 horrid outfits I will have to now go and get them re-stitched!"

- sarahhus9 7/8/14

"cbazaar is very terrible in returns and processing, I had ordered two suits which were ill-fitting and now I have sent them back to some "Kavita gobind ", they say that they have not received or our returns address is changed it is now over 3 months and they always say give us 48 hours and we will get back to you... but they never do...I have spent almost $200 on that, initially everything was good and I am an old customer for almost 8 years, this way they are only loosing regular customers... now may be I have to think twice before ordering anything."

- KHUSHBOO10 4/20/14

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