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Chemistry is a premium offering from, designed especially for people who are looking for help in getting to know someone online so the first date feels like you’re meeting for the second time.


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Omega R. posted on 8/8/2011

"For me does have good chemistry and for me this makes it a good site. I like how the site gets people involved in the chemistry (forgive the pun) of finding each other. I don't like its methods though especially when it comes to it dealing with people's bank accounts but the site still has some good in it. Chemistry is about taking a bad lemon and making good come out of it. After all isn't that what chemistry is all about anyway?"

Jonathon K. posted on 8/18/2014

"The website's functionality is compromised. I get email notifications with links to the site, but then the site is down and/or the notifications are inaccurate. The customer care is deplorable. The live chat agents (and I'm not sure if I should even use the plural here) take forever to get to you, don't seem to understand plain English, provide obviously canned responses and are unhelpful. Email customer care provided me with an equally canned, equally non-responsive request for help. There is no live customer care. Since I joined the site, it does not seem to me that it has worked properly even once --- a total and complete waste of money."

Bill W. posted on 2/3/2015

"Started well at first. But after a while things really thin out. Usually must be me but actually, I've been having good luck on other sites. I believe it is too expensive as well.

There are better dating sites. Try and/or match or, if you don't want to spend any money at all, POF (but keep in mind: You get what you pay for)."

Lita J. posted on 3/6/2015

"I can't really write a true review because I can't get into the site to check it out. I've heard about it and thought I would give it a whirl, but it doesn't navigate to other pages after I try to register."

Rita S. posted on 3/23/2015

"Be very cautious on this site. The profiles are not checked. Basically, anyone can join. When free weekend is promoted, every non- English speaking person gets on here. They are scammers and fakes. Every young woman should stay away from here. Look at other sites and read the reviews."

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